Employees You Should Fire ASAP


Given the fact that you’re a business owner, you don’t really have much time to spare. You probably hired a team of outstanding professionals because you understand how a business works. You simply cannot create a successful company all on your own.

Usually your company runs its operations smoothly, but it just so happens that one member of the team will cause you more stress than all of the others combined. You maybe aren’t even aware of this fact, but this type of employee damages your business constantly by shifting the attention of the other team members from their daily tasks.

Despite the fact that you can find many types of productive employees that create a positive atmosphere within the office environment, the ones that disrupt the peace and harmony are those who question and affect the strategy of the decision-maker or business owner. Here are three types of employees who should not be a part of your firm. If these types of employees are part of your company, remove them immediately.

1. Nobody likes a drama queen. Only a couple of us (entrepreneurs) can honestly say that our office environment is drama queen free. If there are no drama queens in your environment, rejoice and consider yourself one lucky person. However, most business owners do not fall in this category. In most cases, every work environment has a drama queen that perceive their life within an office like they are part of a reality show. They love to death stirring things up and just sitting back and watching everything play out. Most times you will be faced with the tough job of settling arguments between employees, only to notice that the root of all problems was the drama queen. Whether they gossip and spill the beans of what a co-worker said about another colleague or simply by stating that a co-worker isn’t work-oriented, you will always have to play the role of the referee as they will require your undivided attention on a regular basis.

Not only do drama queens damage the work productivity of your team beyond repair, but their watercooler conversations will often be negative in tone. Moreover, be aware that this attitude is highly contagious within a work environment, especially if the drama queen decides to shift attention to the leader of the company. This, in turn, will determine most employees to question the managerial abilities of the business owner, creating even bigger problems within your organization.

Trying to manage drama queens is pretty much like joggling with dynamite. Why you may ask? Simply put, what drama queens actually do is considered social. While some corporations or businesses have implemented the so-called no-gossip policies, the efforts of the leaders are pretty much futile given the difficulty of enforcing that aspect from a legal standpoint. Don’t waste time and get rid of that nasty rotten  apple before it gets to affect the rest of the pile.

2. Don’t you just hate it when people tend to play the victim almost always? As an entrepreneur and business owner this will be one of the most difficult tasks you will have to deal with. This type of people always tend to avoid taking ownership of their actions while shifting blame on to others if a bad situation arises. Do not be surprised if they always have an excuse ready for any given situation. Moreover, their constant bickering and complaints are noticed by other co-workers that may begin to implement a victim mentality as well.

Employees who tend to constantly have some ailment are even tougher to manage. Entrepreneurs want their staff to always be healthy, but some people tend to take advantage of the generosity the employer shows by saying that they suffer from various medical conditions that eventually prove to be false. Most often employers will be unsure whether an employee is actually ill or simply taking advantage of him and the system.

The chronic absence of an employee or his or her refusal to take part in company events will be noticed by other employees who will develop resent towards that person because they have to fill in the void. In order to avoid such situations from arising, you should set a policy that covers absenteeism, making a formal announcement where you specify that after a determined number of days, they will have to get a notice from the doctor.

Always keep on file each incident that takes place and if this happens again, sit down with the employee and confront him or her by laying down the facts. Be as clear as you can and tell that employee that if such a situation will happen again, whether it’s miss work or decline doing particular work assignments, they will have to look for employment.

3. Nonconformists can also damage your company more than you might think. They are perceived as rebels that tend to break the rules, regardless of the future outcome. For example, if your company has implemented a certain dress code that restricts wearing T-shirts with slogans, this person will go out of his or her way to wear one on Friday. Moreover, if you have a specific set of procedures on how things should be done, they will always do it their own way. The danger of employing such employees is that they perceive rules as control and that’s the last thing they want, to be controlled.

Instead of having to deal with a head-on collision with this type of employees, find a way in which you can work with them rather than against them. Make sure you are always on the same page and maybe some awkward situations can be avoided. Rebels are tagged in today’s world as free thinkers that want to leave their mark in the world by making it a better place. That is why they prefer to do things their own way rather than what other are telling them. If you can look past their way of thinking, their qualities could potentially help your organization grow.

However, in some instances, rebels will try to take things over, considering that they know everything there is to know, not accepting advice or instructions from leaders and maintaining their course. To make matters worse, they will have a sense of superiority, considering that him or her is a smaller leader that allows him or her to order other employees around. If such a situation arises, you should deal with this problem swiftly because if you just let it play out, your best employees will be far more determined to find employment somewhere else.

Managing your employees is probably one of the hardest challenges you will have to face eventually as a business owner. Identify the employees that do not show productivity and slow the progress and growth and your business and remove them from the equation. Nobody is irreplaceable and you will be able to find professionals that will get the job done and help you with the growth of the company on a long-term basis.


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