Top 10 Most Profitable Offline Businesses for First time Entrepreneurs


Every successful business is born out of the innovations and ingenuity of the people who established it. All it takes for you to start your own small business or bring a profitable business idea to life is some guts and passion. If you are planning to start up a business of your own, and you are a bit confused as to which business will bring you profits, here is a list of the Top 10 most profitable offline business ideas for first time entrepreneurs you may consider looking into.

1. Setting up an Advertising Agency – The need to conquer the market through strategic advertising is an essential part of every business no matter how big or small it is. Often times, many corporations and companies subcontract their marketing activities to advertising companies so they can have an expert in the field handle their numerous advertising requirements. For this reason, setting up an Advertising Agency takes the No. 1 spot of our Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for first time entrepreneurs because it is considered a multi-billion dollar sector that can never go comatose.

2. Cleaning and Power Wash Service – The cleaning industry offers several profitable business opportunities for first entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Many industries, companies and private individuals require regular cleaning services for their homes, offices, aircraft, heavy equipment, carpet and upholstery, sidewalks, etc. The potential of this business is unlimited as the market is wide and continually on the increase. Setting up a cleaning and power wash service no doubt merits the second spot on our list of Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for first time entrepreneurs.

3. Telemarketing Services – The seemingly endless struggle between many companies to boost sales and also increase their client base has made telemarketing one of the most profitable businesses in recent times. Business owners are constantly in need of the services of telemarketers because telemarketing is a personalized service and a very efficient way for business owners to reach their targeted market.

4. Cosmetics Supply – The cosmetic industry is a huge and fast growing industry constantly churning out billions of dollars in profit year in year out. Creating a niche for yourself as a cosmetic supplier will also avail you the chance to share in the multi-billion dollar profits of this industry. With many people looking to try out old and new cosmetic products so as to maintain a fabulous appearance, the cosmetic supply business is definitely worth a spot among the Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for first time entrepreneurs who desire to start up a business.

5. Social Media Consultancy Company – With the current increase in the reputation of social media networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, there is now a pressing demand for experienced social media consultants who will advise corporations and business owners on how best to align themselves with the increasing popularity of these social media channels for their own good. You can decide to start up a Social Media Consultancy Company as an entrepreneur and tap from this profitable and fast growing business.

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6. Art Supply Store – Setting up an art supply store is also a profitable business idea for first time entrepreneurs. Art is an amazing pastime for many people and a lot of them are either into creating quality art work or supplying/selling art for a living. With the number of art lovers increasing exponentially by the year, there’s barely enough art supply stores available to handle this increase. Setting up your own art supply store is an excellent way to tap into this profitable business niche while bridging the gap between demand and supply. This is definitely another profitable offline business idea first time entrepreneurs should consider looking into.

7. Career Counseling – People who run this business are sometimes referred to as vocational or employment counselors. As the competition in the market rises, there is a rapid increase in the need to employ career counselors because more career-driven individuals are constantly searching for professional advice to guide them through the right career path and assist them in making educated choices. Career Counseling no doubt deserves a spot on our Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for first time entrepreneurs.

8. Catering service – I know this may sound harsh, but the fact is that no matter how gloomy things may get, people still have to eat. Whether it’s food for the home, party or get together, setting up a catering service is another profitable offline business opportunity for first time entrepreneurs. With the catering business, you can focus on a niche which is constantly in need of catering services all year round. Food is a basic requirement for all human beings, and as long as people need to fill their stomachs, setting up a catering service will always be among the Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for new entrepreneurs.

9. Home Care for the Elderly – With the rising demand for independent living by the elderly, entrepreneurs can set up businesses that provide personal home care services to the elderly and senior citizens of the country. Home Care for the Elderly will always remain a profitable business because no nation is complete without its ever-aging population. Grocery shopping, cooking and physical therapy are just a few of the numerous services that are available in this business. No doubt, Home Care for the Elderly belongs on our list of Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for first time entrepreneurs.

10. Home staging business – Home owners who want to sell their homes need assistance with prepping and staging their property for sale to potential buyers. This is another profitable business opportunity first time entrepreneurs may consider looking into. Asides from home owners needing experienced home stagers to prep their houses for sale, many banks and real estate agencies also make use of the services of home stagers. The potential for this business remains unlimited which is why the Home staging business completes our of Top 10 most profitable offline businesses for first time entrepreneurs.


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