10 Principles of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs


The way we communicate and we connect has changed dramatically and personal branding became a critical aspect for entrepreneurs. Why? Because we prefer to buy from people that we know, like and trust. Pushing a product out here on the market is not enough anymore.

So entrepreneurs need to invest in building and maintaining their personal brand if they want to succeed.

Not sure where to start?

Here are some tips on personal branding that can help you not only create a brand strategy but to become a better person.

1. Choose a set of competences you master and invest in them. As an entrepreneur you are constantly involved in different projects of your company. Therefore you must select the activities you enjoy doing best and focus on them. Think of the competences you excel at, that added value to your company over time and that had the greatest impact on your business development. As an entrepreneur, it is your right to choose the things that interest and motivate you. By doing this you will become a better person while also becoming a source of inspiration for others.

2. Always do everything within your powers to surpass others expectations. Always do more than what others expect from you in EVERYTHING you do! This way you will become a role model for both the people working with you and your collaborators. Also, you will be able to motivate them even more so that they can raise the productivity levels at an all-time high.

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3. Actively contribute to the development efforts of the firm. Actively get involved in every business development activities so that your employees will see you as a team player and will have a sense of belonging. Moreover, you could try and offer new solutions to bring something new to the table, whether it’s improvements, company development ideas or a new concept. However, don’t mistake involved with micromanagement.

4. While the devil is in the details, you shouldn’t get hung up on them. Time management is one of the essential activities of an entrepreneur. Learn how to prioritize and invest your time and energy in the things that can add value to the projects of the company. If you wind up losing time with micromanagement or all sorts of activities that do not produce significant results, the road from a full-time entrepreneur to a potential employee is really short.

5. Invest in your personal development. Instead of watching crappy TV programs at night, spend your time in a useful manner. Spend at least 30 minutes reading a book, an online article a business magazine or any interesting document that can help you with your personal and professional development. Investing in your education should be at the top of your list, so why not create a personal development plan in which you can include all the aspects you want to improve yourself and the specific activities that will help you produce the desired results.

6. Smile and inspire others. The world is filled with pessimists, negativists and people that only see the empty half of the glass. And given their view on life, they discourage others with their activities. To be one step closer to SUCCESS you need a positive attitude: wake up with a smile on your face and motivate other people to smile in turn and adopt this attitude. Once you’ve embraced this life philosophy, it will have a positive impact in all aspects of your life, both personal and professional.

7. Assume responsibility. Most people avoid taking responsibility like it was some sort of disease. Actually, they prefer to make excuses or blame others when things don’t work as planned. When you take responsibility, you adopt the leader position. Also, you will be able to obtain the success you deserve. This way you become a role model for your employees, while inspiring them to take responsibility when needed.

8. Collaborate. Being a leader means taking more responsibility when things aren’t going according to plan and less credit when getting the results. Leadership means inspiring and offering others space to grow and develop by capitalizing on the aspects that make them different. Conflict only generates other conflicts, while collaborations lead to success and future accomplishments. That is why it is essential to promote collaboration in everything you undertake.

9. Create a blog. You are an entrepreneur! If you like to build and develop products/services, why not consider creating a blog where you will write what you know best. In your posts you could talk about the competences you possess, which we previously discussed at the first point. Also, consider writing about your qualities as an entrepreneur. It is recommended that you position yourself as an expert in a similar area to that in which you company activates.

10. Use social media tools. Social media tools help you keep in touch and take you one step closer to your target audience. Moreover, it is the best way to create a connection and land future business opportunities. The most used social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Instagram. Draw up a social media strategy and hold onto it. Remember that is really important to be consistent and authentic and make sure you read twice before you post anything.

We hope you found these principles useful and we wish you good luck in building your personal brand!

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