How to Save Your Struggling Business


Building a business from scratch is usually the vision of most entrepreneurs. Along with having a company to call your own and seeing with each day that passed how it expands from the ground up, you will also get a feeling that is not only hard to describe, but also hard to match.

Some entrepreneurs and business owners I’ve had the pleasure of talking to have described the feeling of launching a company similarly with the sensations that ran through their bodies when they are able to save their struggling business especially if at one point it time that business was thriving.

In most cases there are some clues as to why a company is struggling, thus saving it isn’t as easy as you might think. But, being able to save your struggling business will have its benefits over starting up another brand new one. For example, you already have a customer base and brand awareness, regardless of how small the business is. Moreover, this means that there is at least something to work with. Here’s how you are able to save your struggling business:

Find the root of your problem.

For example, if a business person is interested in taking over a business other than his own, the first thing he or she should do is take stock and determine where it is going awry. This might happen due to bad staff, low morale levels within the office or even a defective business model. However, the most important aspect is that you get down to the root of the problem.

Face the problem head on.

Similar to the way a dentist would take out a rotten tooth, once you’ve identified the problem areas of your business, you absolutely must eradicate them. And this means you will have to make a couple of tough decisions and let some team members go. But make sure you have all the facts before firing an employee.

Create alliances.

If you have to make fast changes and your team will be affected, chances are you won’t be the most popular individual in the office. Yet, it is critical to ensure that everyone within the office is on the same page, working toward the same goal. Moreover, make sure to explain to your key employees the efforts you are willing to make in order to save the company and then allow them to present the details to every employee.

Be available 24/7.

In some cases, some team members may express concerns in regard to the direction in which the company is headed and your intentions. They do this because they may feel like their jobs are at risk or because they will not receive their Christmas bonus this year. This is why you need to become available and hear every and all concerns the staff has. This way you’ll make sure that your employees continue being productive and are not spending time panicking and listening to rumors.

Always be in the loop.

It’s relatively easy to become disconnected with your customers and feel like there is no solution available, yet to just guess what they want. However, hiding under the desk and just waiting for the tough part to pass is an awful idea. The communication lines must always be open 24/7. If you are unsure what clients want, go ahead and just ask them. Do this by either using a formal survey for quantitative information or by having informal in-depth discussions with them.

The economy should never be used as an excuse.

Even if there is a recession taking place, economy should never force an organization out of business. It is mandatory you pay close attention to how the changes within the economy will affect your business. Still, truthfully, if you plan on selling something that is worth buying, people will continue to buy it even during a recession.

Always be in the look for alternatives.

The demand for your product has plummeted, therefore the obvious thing to do is to lower your prices hoping that you are able to make more sales. Or at least you’d think it would work. However, the obvious solution is not always going to be the correct one. When a company reduces its prices, the business owner is not aware that he/she is doing irreparable damage. Your product will start to devalue and customers will become skeptical in buying it. Therefore, a much wiser solution would be to add value to your products or offer something completely different or extra. In most cases, there is always an alternative and if that specific alternative is able to save your company and ensure that your employees have a job, then it most probably is worth the effort.

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  1. Don’t give up if you fail for the first time! Too many people get discouraged, not realizing fails are stepping stones for something bigger.

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