Recruiting Millennial Talent


There is a common misconception among companies about millennials given the fact that they label them as not only narcissistic, but also entitled. However, this is rarely the case, and savvy employers will tell you the same thing.

Also known as Generation Y, millennials are a different generation. They are optimistic, tech savvy, extremely confident and more connected than their precursors. Also, their needs, skills and desires are different from other generations. The way how they communicate is also different from previous generations.

And although some businesses are starting to slowly adapt as far as the recruitment methods are concerned so that they are able to appeal to this generation of employees, others simply refuse to change. Given the fact that the latter category refuses to adapt or do this at a slow pace, they will suffer in the long run if you stop to consider that by 2020, millennials will represent 40 percent of the total workforce.

To be able to recruit and retain the best young talent out there, business owners have to understand what drives the millennial generation. Old-school tactics such as solid salary and good benefits won’t suffice because they will always strive for more. Millennials desire an improved balance between work and life, they put emphasis on the company culture and its value and they wish to pursue a strong career path. Maybe, these are some of the reasons why previous generations have labelled them as “entitled”.


Graphic courtesy of AkkenCloud Blog

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