Recruiting Tech Talent 101


At times, recruiting can be extremely difficult and time consuming. In some instances, friends of mine which own small companies complain that their employees are not able to excel at their job mainly due to their lack of expertise in a particular field. However, during the time of their companies they found aspects that facilitate the recruitment process not only for large businesses ,but for small ones as well.

If you’re new at the recruitment of tech talent within your company you should probably study what recruitment firms have to say.

Here are some aspects which may come in useful when you’re hiring tech personnel:

1. In the case of analytics roles and big data, the raw tech talent is considered more important than the experience a candidate has in the field. It worked for Saks Fifth Avenue, the fashion retailer when they needed to fill their analytics positions.

However, for other e-commerce roles more rigorous than analytics position you don’t need to invest in the raw tech talent but rather recruit from within and ensure the training.

The most important aspect is the willingness of the candidates to learn. In my opinion, it’s not really about the experience or expertise within a domain but rather about the smarts and the drive of a person that wishes to be successful. This will ensure that they will develop into rockstar employees, thus ensuring that your company will thrive.

2. Don’t fall prey to the temptation of hiring a tech or an analytics guru who can solve all the tech problems and also inspire the team. Why, you might ask? It’s simple. High caliber talent like that is extremely hard to find at it doesn’t come in cheap. And this does not apply only for small businesses, but for large companies as well. It’s no wonder most retailers have a rough time in finding leaders that possess strategic, analytical and leadership oriented characteristics.

So what can you do? Well, you can do two of the following things:

Accept the fact that you need to hire not just one person. However, if you can only hire one, use freelancers and outside partners that bring complementary skills to the table and help with the development of projects that turn into products or services.

Also, you should prepare yourself for the shortcomings your young tech or analytics employees may have in other areas. The best outcome that arises with the inexperience of young tech/analytics stars is that their they usually offer a fresh and creative perspective on several aspects from which you can benefit in the long run.

3. If you cannot offer an extremely attractive salary, highlight the fact that you offer an opportunity. If money is tight, experienced tech employees will not be willing to work all that hard, but the new talent is hungry to prove themselves and grow into the position.

Even in the case of large businesses, talented recruits are often attracted by certain opportunities, especially if they truly feel they can leave their mark on the business.

Just imagine how this type of candidates will feel when you present them with the chance to work within an actual startup. Thus, ensuring that you are hiring the best employees you can possibly can is never easy, nor cheap. But as the owner of a startup which is taking its first steps in the business world, it’s possible that you have more recruiting advantages than you might think.

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