Ways to Build Customer Loyalty


Just because you convince a customer to buy your product or service does not necessarily mean they will remain your customers. No one doubts that keeping customers is hard, but getting them should be even harder. However, this is not the case given the fierce competitors that tend to aggressively market on price. Therefore, you will need to put some real effort into keeping your loyal customer bases. Rarely is it enough just to provide a good product or service. In today’s consumer world, deal sites have damaged the loyalty aspect of businesses but the tech industry is making an effort in bringing back loyalty marketing as a focal point. So if you don’t know what it takes to build customer loyalty, go ahead and read our suggestions on how you could build customer loyalty.

1.Despite being an underused strategy, becoming hyper-personal may be the strategy that’s preventing you from building customer loyalty. Most customers wish to feel like you care about them. So, create some sort of system that notifies you when return customers enter the building and also sends a message to ensure that they feel appreciated. Nowadays, with the help of apps you can even send a welcome message by which you invite that said customer to a complimentary glass of wine that will go remarkably well with your meal. Moreover, if you could tie the offer directly to their past purchases or tastes, the better off you’ll be.

2. Offer your loyal customers preferential treatment. If there’s a thing every shopper hates, it’s the waiting line. Should customers be extremely interested in purchasing your service or product, they’ll stand in line but you should not take that for granted. You best customers should be right in front of the line, as a sign of appreciation for their services. Also, you could build a separate line designed especially for loyal customers or even immediate seating. A difficult part when customers are in the waiting line is keeping them entertained. For the customers to offer you fidelity and gratitude you need to show them how much you value their time.

3. Remember when you last went to a restaurant and the chef came to your table and asked you how was your meal? If so, maybe you considered this experience to be not only fun, but also unique. By letting the customers meet the creators of your services and products you will offer a face to which the customers may relate. You don’t need to present to them your entire operation but you could offer them a glimpse of what it takes to create said product or service. Doing this will ensure the humanization of your company and customers will be more willing to connect and remain a vital part of your business.

4. Use internet tools to their fullest extent. While most people use social networks as a way to maintain a relationship, you won’t be able to find all your customers solely on a network. Tools like social media will facilitate the relationship and will also help get your message across. Moreover, make sure you will offer a great experience for your customers so that they can enjoy your product or service more.

5. Nowadays, the development of the mobile technology has become extremely important as a new marketing tool given the tendency of people to always be one step ahead of the curve and figure out which are the best applications. Therefore, let nature take its course. Many restaurants or even retail stores use dedicated iPads or touch screens. This, in my opinion is not a viable option. Don’t waste the customer’s time and nerves with additional tasks but rather make his or her shopping experience more pleasant by not having the customer perform additional tasks. The tech support may prove more helpful behind the scenes to ensure an improved human experience for the customer.

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