How to Connect With Well-Connected People


You probably already know this but, connecting with well-connected employees, customers or fellow entrepreneurs will ensure building stronger business relationships. And you’ll be more thankful than you might think.

No business can be successful without having strong relationships and the ability to effectively connect with customers, employees or investors that pertain to your industry or community. By actually connecting with important people your business will almost certainly prosper. These connections have the ability to open doors both for you and your company. Connect and communicate with important people by following these six powerful strategies.

1. Capitalize and connect right away via email. Usually when you meet someone new you exchange business cards. But why shouldn’t you immediately send an email to remind that person who you are and what you do. Moreover, that person will see this not only as a friendship gesture, but also think you are timely and professional. There is no three day rule when it comes to the business environment so the sooner you send that email, the better off you’ll be. Don’t let contacts forget about you and take advantage of the opportunity. This is the beauty of meeting new contacts, you never know who you will collaborate with or even help.

2. While emails are not for everybody, you could do one better by actually giving the contacts you’ve just met a phone call. Emails are efficient during a busy work day, but actually speaking to that person will create a connection between two people that simply cannot exist simply by typing a few words and the other person reading them on his or her screen. Therefore, we can determine that personal connections are strongly tied with positive feedback to and from your contact. People are less likely to react in a negative manner if they talk with you on the phone rather than just hearing a voicemail or reading an email.

3. The work day of great leader is always hell, fire and brimstone. Sometimes you simply cannot do everything you set your mind to. As my grandmother used to say, a day is comprised of 24 hours for everybody. Contacts might understand that you are busy and don’t always have time to answer all of their calls during a work day, but by promptly responding them via a call will pay off in the long run. Instead of sending an email, make an effort and return the call. Most people hate receiving emails after they bothered to call. Therefore, in order to avoid any miscommunication that may slip into an email, go the extra mile and make a phone call to your contacts.

4. Most people consider thank-you notes out of style but that is not the case. In this day and age sending a handwritten thank-you note is more meaningful and carries more power and influence than you might think. Regardless of the occasion, you should send a text, email, card or even a handwritten note. People will always welcome thank-you notes with arms wide open. Moreover, this shows your contacts that you actually appreciate their time and they might actually do the same thing and be more open to work with you.

5. Get-togethers are a must! Whether you’re arranging get-togethers with employees, customers or even investors, make sure you keep these gatherings as informal as possible. You could schedule them after-work at your favorite bar or restaurant, or even at the office if that will make your “guests” more comfortable. Offer them food, beverages, even product demos or company tours. In my opinion, get-togethers should always be casual and without any pressure given that fact that the reason you’re doing this is to build strong relationships rather than shoving your business down their throat.

6. Avoid coming off corny or fake. I probably don’t need to tell you that you simply can’t fake being genuine. Building a relationship with clients, employees or investors is about actually being interested in what those people have to say. Listen to what these people have to say and avoid from making judgements, or talking about worries or even personal problems.

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