Entrepreneur Rebranding 101


It’s common knowledge that entrepreneurship actually starts with the process of rebranding. Take for example the following instance: you decide to leave your job within a corporation to launch your business. Or maybe you are a tech entrepreneur and you want to pursue a career in retail venture as an entrepreneur. Regardless of the case, the goal remains unchanged: to show others, as fast as you can, that you need to be taken seriously in your new pursuit.

First of all, you should understand possible misconceptions. Starting off as an entrepreneur will determine people to judge you based on both your history and your demographics. In order to overcome misconceptions, you should be aware of the misconceptions of others. For example, let’s say you worked a couple of decades in corporate America. This can and will be seen by some as a bureaucratic behavior.

Go ahead and find some ways in which you can mitigate such concerns. Whether you’re taking systematic decisions or symbolic ones, go ahead and act accordingly. For example, a fresh graduate from college that wishes to pursue an entrepreneurial career may not be taken seriously and considered green around the edges. Moreover, this will lead to others not taking that person seriously in the long run, so do everything within your powers to show tenacity.

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Another aspect you should consider if you want to rebrand yourself as an entrepreneur is taking on leadership roles. This proves to be one of the fastest ways one can establish his or her credentials, such as being a board member within a professional association. You peers are the ones that elected you to represent them as their leader, so this makes a tremendous impression on others.

By many, this is considered an extremely helpful way of fast tracking given the fact that most associations have a difficult time in finding suitable leaders. By having a leadership role, you will raise not only awareness, but also your credibility levels to the highest peaks. This will be one of the things that will differentiate you from other aspiring entrepreneurs in your new area of practice.

Last but not least, the next logical step when you are trying to rebrand yourself as an entrepreneur is to create content. While some people knew you and of you before you decided to create a start-up, your clients or even your referral sources tend to be the most skeptical when it comes to your abilities in your new field. They might ask questions such as “What does he/she really know about that? Is he/she trying to trick us to pay for something useless?”. Relieve them of doubt by comprising a solid online portfolio with a large variety or articles, videos or even podcasts.

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You should also do your homeworks when potential customer questions come into play. Moreover, you could create those awesome “think pieces” that help you explain the trends within your industry and the way you see them evolving. Also, you could interview well-known experts in your field. This will ensure that you elevate your stature only by standing next to them. Another aspect that should be considered is the writing of “how-to” articles in a professional manner that will determine people to see that you know what you’re talking about and not just writing for the fun of it. Additionally, you could review related products or services within your field or even gathering useful information from Pinterest.

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