The Top 8 Golden Rules of Customer Service


If you are in any kind of business you know by now that without costumers there is no business. When it comes to customers and customer service, things are a lot different today than they were 10 years ago; or even last year.
Having a good sales pitch or a cheap offer is not enough anymore, clients search for fast and easy processes, connections, relationship and a sense of belonging. So if you go out of your way to offer solid sales pitches to your customers, but you’re ignoring them on social media or their feedback, you are on a path to failure.

We’ve all heard the saying that the customer is always right. But, is he actually always right? No, not all the time. Some classic customer service rules are in a dire need of a makeover given the fact that they’re antiquated and simply cannot be applied in today’s technological environment and global markets. Nowadays, service in this time and age is so much different than just picking up the phone and calling a customer. Moreover, protecting your employees from customer abuse is just as important as the demands and needs of your customers.

Here are some of the best practices that apply nowadays in today’s business environment. Don’t forget, as a business owner you have to please both your employees and your customers. There’s no need to fret, you can do this more often than you might think.

1. First of all, make sure you always respect the time of your customers. Customer service automation can be applied in some industries if it is designed to expedite the process. On the other hand, in real life you need to show respect for your customer’s time by having more personnel available during busy hours. Moreover, by offering self-checkout aid to customers when you are building a reputation and by going out of your way to ensure the happiness of the customers is a great way to ensure they keep coming back. The tendency nowadays among customers is to get in and out as fast as possible.

2. Customer service has become a worldwide market. If you are not able to communicate with potential customers and clients around the globe, you’re just opting out of what could be the majority of your market. Having multilingual staff can expand the demographic reach in a matter of seconds.

3. Show your clients you are an educator. When it comes to customers, never assume anything. In most cases, they’re doing the same thing, just scrambling to keep up with all the digital changes that take place on a daily basis. Regardless of the fact that it may not bring you joy, you have to educate and inform your customers about the changes that take place in your business.

4. In my experience, I’ve learned it the hard way that sales pitches, hard sells are annoying and a waste of time for most customers. These days, customers can detect a pitch from miles away and they tend to run the other way. Yes, marketing tactics are important, but you should focus on providing customers with the services, products or information they want. Another way of putting this – offer the best solution at a competitive price.

5. Encourage customers to offer feedback. We all know that this aspect is extremely important, but some companies don’t really welcome it as well as they should, or even if they do, they just let it collect dust. Embrace the opinions of your customers, process them and even follow up when and if it is necessary. The best way of improving your business is to understand the gaps, faults or even criticisms that customers send your way.

6. Scripting should be put to rest. You probably already know by now that when a customer calls a customer service line he notices it instantly. He or she knows that the person on the other end is following strict orders to not sway from the script. Instead of doing that, focus on training your employees to pinpoint the exact issues and address them.

7. Satisfaction should be rewarded as well, not just sales figures. If you plan on creating a thriving business, make sure you make a habit out of rewarding your customer service reps who registered the highest satisfaction ratings, not just the highest sales. This way they will be more motivated to communicate and connect with the costumers.

8. It just so happens that the customer is sometimes wrong. That is why your employees need and deserve to feel safe and protected from abuse during work hours. Ensure that this becomes one of your top priorities, have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in place and make them known to your employees.

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