10 Ways To Build Trust and Credibility With Your Clients


If you’re not interested in creating a brand that inspires trust and credibility, you’re reading the wrong article. You probably know that the key to growing a successful business is to focus on building relationships with your customers, so here are 10 ways which will help you build trust and credibility with your clients:

1. Avoid the temptation of selling a product or service that isn’t really in the best interest of your customers. You have to accept the fact that sometimes you simply just cannot provide the best solution, product or service at the right price. Should this happen to you, make sure to always be honest with your customers, instead of promising them something that you will not be able to fully deliver and not surpass the expectations of your clients.

2. Customers will always be on the look for products that meet their needs. Cutting it close won’t do. Therefore, make sure to be frank about the advantages, benefits and features of the product or service you are trying to sell. It is best if you’re honest with them and let them decide if your solution will meet their needs.

3. Never, and I mean never promise something you simply cannot deliver. It’s always tough to say no to your customers when they ask for something. By telling your customers that you will be able to provide a service or product by a specific deadline and not being able to deliver will only damage your brand.

4. To accept or offer bribes is not only unethical but also illegal. In my book, this is where sales professionals have to draw the line that must never be crossed.

5. Pricing should be constant to all departments within your company. Should the discrepancy ever be discovered, this will translate into a bad relationship and kill the account.

6. Never place blame or make excuses after selling a product. Instead, do everything within your powers to fix the problem. You are the face of the company and synonymous with the  brand name of your products or services; therefore, it is your duty to deliver on what you promised.

7. Don’t avoid breaking bad news to customers. If you’re under the impression that customers will be upset when you break bad news, just take a second and imagine how more angry or upset they will be when they’ll find out the bad news a month after and that you’ve been hiding it from them. And trust me, they will find out eventually.

8. When your competition is mentioned in a conversation with a client, always be respectful. While some salespeople thing that “trash-talking” about their competition will only make their own services or products seem and look better, usually that is not the case. Customers will perceive this behavior as immature.

9. Never forget to honor the relationships other salespeople on your team have in their accounts. Stealing accounts from team members is not only unethical but also just that – stealing.

10. Always make promises that you can keep. Do what you say and deliver it when it is due time. This is the edge you need to stand out of the crowd and put you one step ahead of your competition.

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