20 Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know


Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” –  David Packard

1. The most important order of a client is the next one!
2. When you are mailing, 10% of the expenses should be spent of tests!
3. Understanding and adapting to the needs of the customer is not an option, but rather a necessity!
4. A marketing person needs to spend at least a quarter of his or her time in the market to be able to understand the needs and expectations of clients and partners.
5. A market research done and used properly will significantly lower the risk of failure.
6. A product catalog with an attractive design sent to a consumer list will probably have a response rate of 1%.
7. It is important to choose the power of repetition. Ensure that the message you send is consistent.
8. Marketing activities need to be well-thought and planned to raise the profits and not only the sales.
9. Never neglect and ignore your current clients in your search for new clients.
10. It’s five times more expensive to sell a product or service to a new client than to a regular one.
11. Selling what your clients need instead of what they want is a surefire way to fail.
12. Never assume that if you have a good or innovative product, it will sell itself.
13. People do not buy products. Rather, they buy the benefits and solutions they think the product can offer.
14. Clients are two times more likely to be motivated to talk about their negative experience with a product or a company than the positive aspects.
15. The client’s perception as far as the price is concerned is far more important than the actual price of the product.
16. The client is not dependent on you, rather you are dependent on your clients.
17. Identify your competitive advantages and focus on them. They will help you stand out in the crowd.
18. Consider each sale not as a purpose in its own, but as the beginning of a new relationship between you and the client.
19. Half of the clients that issue a complaint are likely to continue collaborating with the company if their complaints are solved in a favorable way.
20. Marketing is the job of every employee within a firm, regardless of the position or title.

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