The 6th Global Social Business Summit (GSBS) to be held from 27-28 November 2014, in Mexico City


The 6th Global Social Business Summit (GSBS) will be held from 27-28 November 2014 in Mexico City at the Exhibit and Convention Center Expo Bancomer in Santa Fe. Read here the latest news:

What is the GSBS

The annual Global Social Business Summit is the worldwide leading forum for social business organized by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and his Creative Advisor Hans Reitz.
Last year’s event took place in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia and was a great success: the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced the launch of a social business incubator fund and our ambitious Young Challengers founded a company during the 2-day conference. To see impressions of the GSBS 2013, click here to watch the conference video.
If you have not registered for the Global Social Business Summit 2014 yet, please use the following link or to get to the registration page and login in with your email and password HY341c1E
We are looking forward to shaping social business and the world of 2020 together with you.

Program update

We are happy to announce additional confirmed speakers and look forward to exciting and diverse panel discussions.

Nathalie von Siemens (CEO, Siemens Stiftung)

Siemens Stiftung has been operating in the field of basic services, education, and culture since 2008. As a hands-on foundation, it develops its own projects and implements them with a long-term approach together with local partners. The geographical focus is on regions in Africa and Latin America where the living conditions of the local population shall be improved in a sustainable manner. Siemens Stiftung develops project models on the basis of entrepreneurial methods to solve social and ecological challenges. Dr. Nathalie von Siemens is CEO of the Siemens Stiftung and is responsible for strategic development of its activities. With her background in Investor Relations, Communication, Corporate Strategy and Capital Allocation we are happy to have her join the panel discussion “From philanthropy to impact investing: Fostering investments into social business”. Siemens Stiftung is also proud to present the Research Conference on Social Business in the context of the GSBS 2014.

Maoz Inon (Founder, Fauzi Azar Inn)

Maoz was born in the Israeli Negev Desert and spent a year backpacking around the world when he was 22. It was then that he discovered how a common place could stimulate an area’s local economy and at the same time bring together different religions and build a community. At 28, he embarked on the Israel Trail and was inspired to bring this world of the independent backpacker to his home country. After his return, he opened his first hostel and the first guest house 2005 in Nazareth, Fauzi Azar Inn. He received international praise for bringing a new model for travel to Israel and sparking Nazareth’s resurgence as a destination for travelers. Though considered as an area to avoid at many times, Maoz could successfully establish his hostel as an international praised low-budget destination. Maoz is glad to share his views on how tourism can foster economic growth in a destination and foster entrepreneurial thinking among its citizens. Follow the link to learn more about the Fauzi Azar Inn.

Virgilio Barco (Latin America Director, Acumen)

Acumen started as an idea to combine the best of markets with the best of aid and charity and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It does not simply collect donations to hand out to the people in need, but wanted to establish a new way to tackle poverty. By changing the traditional top-down approach towards a bottom-up approach, people are encouraged to feel more responsible for the change they want to receive. Businesses are created and investments are made were needed to provide the poor access to electricity, water and similar basic requirements. Today, there is a vibrant and growing “impact investing” sector with hundreds of funds and billions of dollars being invested in companies tackling some of the biggest social issues of our time. Virgilio is the head on Acumen Fund in Latin America and will share the specific challenges of the Latin American market and how to overcome them.

You can find further confirmed speakers on the summit website.

Call for Papers – Research Conference on Social Business

Attention academics and researchers! Hand in your scientific enquiries on any social business related topic and help others in the development of valid propositions to solve existing social problems. Your findings will be discussed with other researchers and may be beneficial to further develop the concept of social business to adapt to open market requirements. The Reseach Conference on Social Business will be hosted in cooperation with Glasgow Caledonian University and is presented by Siemens Stifung. It will take place on November 25 and 26 at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Campus Santa Fe in Mexico City and is aimed at all researchers working on social business or related areas. We are looking forward to contributions before October 17. Follow this link to the call for papers and further information:

Exhibition – Space for Entrepreneurs

Are you a social business entrepreneur with a social business that has been successfully launched? Do you want to position yourself as a key player in the global social business community? Do you want to create awareness for your social business? Then use this great opportunity to exhibit at the Space for Entrepreneurs during the Global Social Business Summit 2014 in Mexico City. As an exhibitor you will have great exposure to potential investors, clients and competitors. You will receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and thus be able to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. Your space will be in a prominent spot so that all guests will pass it and you will have plenty of opportunity to showcase your products and services. To find out more about the Space for Entrepreneurs and how to be part of it, please follow this link

Less than 2 months to go until the GSBS 2014! Register now and be part of the leading forum on social business worldwide! We look forward to welcoming you in Mexico City.

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