Basic Selling Skills: How to become a great salesperson


For a young entrepreneur, learning the ins and outs of selling is a major, but manageable challenge. How do you start, what skills you need to learn are the questions on everyone’s lips. Here are a few tips, a list of basic skills that can help you boost your sales.

First of all, you need to define your target audience. How can you sell your products if you don’t know who your customers are? Identifying a specific customer target will help you refine your selling strategy, therefore making use of your time in an effective manner. One of the most common errors consists in attempting to sell to the wrong audience.

After you have defined your audience, you can start learning your customers buying habits. Even if in a startup you don’t always have the necessary resources to invest in marketing research, you can access key information about your customer’s buying habits by paying close attention to their behavior. For example, if you’re selling high value products you will observe that customers often take longer to make a decision, and this means that you need to spend more time in closing a deal. Determine which are the key triggers of the buying process in order to better adjust the sales strategy.

Build trust based relationships with your customers. In a sales pitch what the customer actually buys is you. If they don’t trust or like you, your product is equal to nothing. That is why nowadays the main orientation of a sale is not B2B, but H2H. Human to human should represent your focus in building your sales strategy.

Assumptions – the dead end of a sale. Another common error young entrepreneurs make is assuming they know what is best for their customers. Instead of making assumptions you can begin by listening to your audience. If you ask the right questions, you can easily make a sale, but most important, you can earn a satisfied customer.

Last but not least, you need to establish a daily ritual. You need to learn to plan your time in an efficient manner. How can you make more sales, how can you earn more customers? The answers reside in how you plan your daily activities. For example, you can start by setting a daily goal of identifying 5 prospects or contacting at least 10 potential clients per day. The numbers can differ based solely on your potential, but not a day should go by without making one connection with your target audience.

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