Bootcamp Kamceatka 2018

0, a business dedicated conferences and economic missions programme, is organizing a bootcamp in Kamchatka, Russia, during the 19th – 28th of July 2018. The event is dedicated to explorers, bold entrepreneurs, enthusiastic intrapreneurs and original travelers.

The bootcamp will contain business courses and entrepreneurship trainings, but will also encourage delegates to make exceptional discoveries. Every activity will be set in an incredible context, around fascinating and wild landscapes. Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka inland, Bering Sea, Uzon Volcano, Kurile Lake, Starichkov Island, Mutnovsky Volcano, but also Moscow are only some of the sights that will delight the participants.

The special courses and trainings will include:

  1. How to conduct business with Russia
  2. Introduction to Siberia and Russian Far East
  3. Lateral thinking in entrepreneurship
  4. Risks and innovation in entrepreneurship
  5. Getting things done
  6. Business Game

More details about this bootcamp, agenda, trainers and registration can be found on the official webpage – – or by directly contacting the organizers at

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