6 Business Ideas You Can Start as a Student


Some of the most profitable businesses have been launched by students: Microsoft, Dell, Apple. Even though you don’t intend on becoming the next Bill Gates and you’re only looking to earn some extra money by managing an entrepreneurial activity, you need a clear business idea, a business plan and a whole lot of perseverance. Here are a few lucrative small online and offline business ideas you can start while you’re still a student that do not require a lot of resources:

  1. Tutoring

Every class has a student that is always one step ahead of his/her colleagues. Moreover, he/she has a greater deal of knowledge in a certain area. Therefore, if you are that person, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this, thus turning it into a profitable business. Tutoring is a lucrative small business idea that doesn’t require any investments and allows you to make your own schedule. Actually, it will bring in revenue and make you more popular among your colleagues. Later on, you could invest the earned money in another business idea. To promote yourself you could use your colleagues’ recommendations, you could print out ads and spread them around campus.

  1. Technical assistance in installing computer software

Given the fact that almost any student nowadays owns a computer or a laptop, not every student is an IT graduate that possesses the technical skills. Also, another pro for starting such a business is that the client base is pretty large.

Therefore, if you know how to install certain software or you know your way around other computer problems such as computer maintenance, then this is the business idea that suits you best. Your colleagues could help promote your business or you could simply spread flyers around campus for example.

  1. Accounting

If you’re an accounting student and you’re good with numbers, you could offer your services to some of your colleagues that own a small business, but are still looking for help with activities specific to accounting and taxes. Also, you could offer your services to small companies that cannot afford to hire an accounting firm. Regardless of the case, you must have solid knowledge of the field and be sure of yourself given that the accounting activities involve a great deal of responsibility. To promote yourself you could use business cards, flyers which you could spread around campus or offer to your colleagues, list ads on certain sites, etc.

  1. Design activities

If you’re a knack for computer design and you know your way around design programs such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, etc, you could offer your services either to students who own small companies, or to some teachers that are in need of this type of service for the documents they create: books, studies, articles. To gain even more clients, create an online and offline portfolio comprised of the work you’ve done so that you can present it to interested customers. To start such a business you only need a computer, design software and a printer.

As far as promoting your business goes, create an interesting logo and attractive business cards you can spread around town. For such a business idea you will need a presentation website which can be included in the portfolio along with the services you provide.

  1. Writing CVs and motivation letters

Given the current high unemployment rates, it’s only normal that a lot of people around you are looking for a job, whether it’s a full-time or part-time one. So if you’re talented at writing, you could offer your services to write CVs and motivation letters. This business idea can be associated with other services such as content creation, writing and editing certain materials. This is a great way to obtain additional income while also improving your writing skills. To promote your business you could ask your colleagues for recommendations or you could post ads or spread flyers around campus.

  1. Copywriting

A business idea that presents potential, if you’re great at writing, is creating written materials for different websites and online businesses. In this case, the texts are different from the offline ones and it involves having SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) knowledge. To create a business based on this business idea, you will have to research different websites and forums dedicated to online copywriting activities. To promote yourself you will need a website where you can present your services or you could post online ads on different websites.

Each of the above mentioned business ideas can be implemented with little or no money, but they do require an active involvement on your behalf along with a great dose of determination. It is important to ensure a balance between your studies and the entrepreneurial activities so as not to completely neglect your studies in favor of your business.

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