The 5 Most Important Facebook Do’s


The most common misconception I’ve encountered as far as Facebook marketing is concerned is that people who know how to use Facebook for their personal use are specialists at it when they have to use it for their startup or business. This couldn’t be further away from the truth and the large number of unsuccessful Facebook pages supports my claim.

Quite a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs that use Facebook on a daily basis cannot for the life of them see any meaningful traffic to their website from their posts or gain any sort of real leverage. Thus, if you plan on spending a lot of time trying to gain awareness and boost your website traffic by using Facebook, you absolutely must learn some key tips and tricks that will take you one step closer to success.

Here are, in my opinion, the 5 most important Facebook do’s every entrepreneur and business owner should adopt and implement so that their company’s page will be successful instead of a waste of time and resources.

1. It’s all about relevant content. So make sure to post consistently and regularly and share information that adds value to your audience. Don’t post only articles related to your business or offers. You can stay relevant and interesting by posting about topical issues, current events and news, but don’t overwhelm people with your updates. You need to find the right balance between how little and often you post so that you stay connected with your audience but don’t spam their newsfeeds.

2. Focus on images. You probably know that when you create a Facebook post, a thumbnail image and a short summary will pre-populate. And while you know this, so does everybody else who has a Facebook account. This is one of the reasons why people may not be clicking so much on your links.

When you are trying to put a link in your post, consider clicking on the x in the top right hand corner of the pre-populated image so that it closes and then click on the photo icon and add a full-sized image that is already preformatted. By using the full size image instead of the pre-populated link image, you will be setting yourself apart. Great images will always bring in more likes, shares, comments and even clicks.

Also, bear in mind that using your own image is better than using an irrelevant or broken one to the story. And if you plan on auto-scheduling your Facebook post through tools such as Hootsuite, the system will use the link image so you need to upload it through the dashboard, similarly to how you would do it on Facebook. Thus, remember that images are more important than links on Facebook every single time.

3. Add an image and a quote, mix them together and there you have it, the secret recipe. Regardless of the business sector of your enterprises, for almost if not every one of them there are quite a lot of inspirational and great quotes that will support the vision of your company. In some way, combining a suitable quote with a great image is pretty much like finding Facebook’s Holy Grail.

Love it or hate it, people are head over heels with quotes. No wonder they are the most shared content on the Internet. Yes, people share more quotes than pictures of funny cats. Go figure. There are countless Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands and millions of followers that only post quotes along a breathtaking image. If you decide to use this technique, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the numbers of likes, shares and comments will significantly increase on your page posts. For example, you could start using designers on to create some meaningful and amazing images. Or, you could try and do it yourself for free with Pablo or, for example.

4. Ask questions. All social media users are extremely opinionated and love questions and letting everybody know what they think of a certain thing. Some of the most successful content campaigns on social media were the ones that asked simple questions such as “Who wore it best?” “What do you think of … ?”

And if you believe that you business has to be a part of the fashion industry to get this right, don’t worry, that’s not a must. Create service offerings which include simple questions like “Would you prefer to own this, or that? And why?”. Remember to use a side-by-side image that compares the two or more products in question.

Bottom line: asking easy questions that will require a short and easy answer will definitely have a significant and positive impact on your Facebook post interactivity. And your customers will feel involved and acknowledged.

Similar to asking your audience simple questions, potentially, you could ask them for help. This could quite possibly surprise you because people love lending a helping hand and being decision-makers or influencers and it will definitely garner some impressive results. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much what the most successful pages on the platform are all about: participating in a community. If you are trying to create a successful audience and client pool through your Facebook page, you should ask the members of the community to pitch in along the way.

5. Last but not least, remember that social media is about two-way continuous communication, so you need to constantly try and continue the conversation when users comment, share and like your content. Still, this is easier said than done. How do you follow up with your followers? When you receive interactions from others, even if they are negative comments, you should continue the conversation. Still, should the comments be abusive or spam, then you should delete them so that you community is safe and spam-free.

To sum up, the way to create a solid Facebook community around your business is to offer value, attention and interaction to your community!

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