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Getting out of your comfort zone and bidding farewell to the heavy pay-cheques you receive at the end of every month to build up something isn’t a cakewalk at all. Entrepreneurs, business, profits, these are all big terms but what’s even bigger is the ambition to start your own company . You got an idea, you even have a bit of finances, but then, what next? The passion, the belief that things would work out is like salt in any recipe. So while you’ve kickstarted with your dreams to make it big, we’re there for you. We’ve got the top 10 websites that’d be of great help to you as you move fast and break things.

You gotta be here, if you want all the tricks to a successful business. The cofounder, Dharmesh Sha, offers the best advice and insights for upcoming entrepreneurs. And if you’re planning to launch an IT firm, but you’re not too good at programming and writing tones of lines of codes, then you’d love the site as it teaches you ‘How to launch a start-up without writing code’. I know ,it’s so exciting, just feeling like now you can turn the world upside down so here is the click way to make millions – OnStartups.

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Yes, why search it so exhaustively when it’s all in the name. If you are wondering why I’m saying this, then let me tell you that some might demand a business model or, if not a model, then at least some details about your business. But these people, they’re simply amazing as they can even give you a business idea to start with. Yes you don’t even have to take that pain. With just the thought that I want to be an entrepreneur, the best place to land is Entrepreneur. Yes, life’s easy, my friend!


Startup Lawyer
I know we actually run away from the legal papers. And if it was our world, we’d eliminate any law for the newbie entrepreneurs. Right? At least the college dropout ones like Mr. Zuckerberg would agree. But nothing to worry because we’ve got the best mentor for you. Startup Lawyer is your all time solution. Be it any legal hiccup, any kind of formalities or the tedious paperwork, they’re the legal gods. You can offer your prayers here.

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Dreams come hand in hand with money these days. If you’ve got the bucks, you can start a business tomorrow. But gone are the days when you had to work for 10 years to have those savings and then think of having your own venture. Onevest is an incredible crowdfunding site for newbies or anyone with a brilliant idea, but no funds. They help you to raise upto $5 million from accredited investors. The website offers their own entrepreneur investors and analysts. You have to provide a pitch and there, you are all set. So get the dollars with one click at Onevest.

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Venture Hacks
This one’s my personal favorite. They’re very direct in their conversations. A website with no-nonsense advice, they can put to rest all your doubts very quickly. Entrepreneurs turned investors Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi are the perfect duo of business advisors. With them around, you can make no mistake.

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Epic launch
The best place for young entrepreneurs. No, I’m not talking about a new hangout place. They particularly aim for attracting young people although they have resources for people of all ages. They provide you with a complete exhaustive training set that will prepare you for the upcoming hassles of the business industry. Businesses are opening in every nook and cranny, but with epic launch you’ll be a category killer. Be the best with Epic launch.

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Chic CEO
The final destination for the savvy women entrepreneurs. Hence the name Chic CEO, but it’s for sure a must visit for everyone. They’re the most unique forum as they offer you a 3 day Chic Start design to kick-start your business and make it reach new heights. They provide you the best tool kits and easy tips to achieve new pinnacles of success.

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This is going to be big
What more can you expect from them? They say it in their name after all. TThis site will provide you not only with advice, but they could potentially invest in your business. And if you’re a techie, then it’s time for you to smile way more. What? You’re from NYC. Then just sit back and relax because you’ve got your first and best investor. This is going to be big invests in tech-related seed and pre-seed NYC start-ups at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. Dream big with This is going to be big.  

Innovation in a cloud

Forte foundation
They come with an altogether different aim of empowering women and letting them take up leadership roles in the business industry. It’s time for women to lead and, with this in mind, they let you carve a new path with their support and resources. Be ready to aim high with Forte foundation.

Forte foundation logo

I could have listed many other websites here that deal particularly with core business and advising. But I just couldn’t resist putting Quora on the list, because it has some of the best business experts, industrialists and entrepreneurs answering your queries and giving you a crisp opinion about every new path you take. You just need to login and you’ll realize there’s no better teacher than experience.

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So as you move ahead with your startup, we wish you luck and hope our resources help you all the way in your escapades. Be sure to enjoy both, they come with both ups and down! But don’t worry, you have the top 10 websites looking out for you! ☺

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