Why Chosing a Franchise can be Tricky


Franchising is one of the safest ways to start a business. Although the risk is indeed low, it’s still there, so here are some tips to make a good start.

Once you have decided that a franchise is the way to go, the next step is to decide exactly which service or product is worth investing.

There are plenty of franchises to choose from. First hint: it should be the kind of work that gives you most satisfaction.

Also when choosing, keep in mind that one should avoid those areas with plenty of franchisers or, on the contrary, the ones sparsely populated. Overcrowding creates fierce competition, while lack of franchisees in a niche often suggests that the market is not developed enough for a franchise.

Talk to someone who is already in the business. In fact, ask as many people as you can. This kind of feedback can be very helpful. It’s always good to have a picture in mind before making a choice.

Do your homework: search online materials, read websites presenting various franchises in order to be thoroughly informed before purchasing the franchise.

Hire a professional to conduct a market research for a product or a certain range of products. A high demand marks the spot: it’s the ideal location for the franchise.

Writing a business plan is useful at this point, because it gives you an insight into the costs and investments required. The plan must take into account the location, the local competitors and the ingredients needed to make it work. Don’t forget the financial back-up: you should find a bank willing to give support when needed.

Pay attention to the name of the franchise and how people react to it. Most consumers tend to buy a product from a name that sounds familiar.

Improve your skills and competencies to understand and operate a franchise. Unfortunately some entrepreneurs fail to consider whether a franchise would suit their talents and abilities and end up loosing interest, being unhappy and closing their business soon.

Capitalize the training and support offered by the franchisor. He should help you drive your business following principles already tested, but also to give you enough freedom to adapt to different circumstances.

Always think about the future development. If this is the opportunity you expect and that will help you grow and prosper in the coming years, you are moving in the right direction. If you see no future in this endeavor, then it’s time to stop.

Do not assume that a franchise is an easy deal. It is a business like any other that requires hard work and responsibility at its peak. Also, pay attention when signing  the contract. Do not accept just any condition and terms that you are faced with. If negotiation is not your strong point, seek a professional to give you advice and guidance, to explain and negotiate the terms.

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