Why Using Fear As An Ally in Business is Beneficial


Good decision making is critical for every business. This should be the first rule they teach young entrepreneurs in Business School. However, the main challenge every business owner encounters is overcoming the fear of taking decisions.

Despite being considered a negative experience, fear is not all bad and it can be used to your advantage. Considering fear as your adversary, fear will lead to frustration. On the other hand, when positioned as an ally, it can become a great source of insight. It all boils down to this: How do you plan on using fear? Will it be the thing that breaks your business, or will it become an outstanding weapon which will give you an edge over the competition?

Use fear as you ally and use these insight levels:

1. You probably know the saying that “the devil is in the details”. However, in most cases, people tend to avoid them. You will find distractions at every corner. In all the chaos and confusion, fear will determine a person to pay closer attention to everything that surrounds him or her. Submit and you are rewarded with new “doors of perception”. Having an expanded vision of all possible outcomes will definitely help you see things in a clearer way.

In my opinion, heightened awareness is one of the main reasons as to why entrepreneurs are able to show solid decision making. Plus, a heightened awareness determines a higher degree of curiosity. Moreover, it encourages a business owner to have a proactive attitude, helps him/her connect the dots or even develop some new alternatives.

It should come to no surprise that the capacity to identify nuances is crucial at any stage of the business. Once you perceive fear as a system that allows you to think clearly and to have an enhanced focus, you will be capable of capturing an amazing opportunity to produce services and products at their highest level possible.

2. Overcoming fear and embracing it can help you with strategic preparation. What does this entail? The two most important aspects that will help you protect yourself against failure is finding the motivation to dig deep and the preparation process. In the business environment, the goal remains unchanged. Every business owner will want only one thing, and that is, success. Thus, adopting a strategic behavior that will ensure competency, a competitive advantage and scalability are essential for a professional business owner.

Considering the fact that complacency is considered a mindset that is ever-present in a business, fear reminds a business owner that without taking some critical steps to ensure good results, failure and missteps may become more than just a possibility. Therefore, to avoid all these negative outcomes, fear will inspire a person to plan in advance, which in turn triggers confidence when results are essential.

3. Last but not least, fear will help you manage the crisis moments. “Think on your feet and take appropriate action when conflict occurs”. You’ve probably heard business professionals say this time and time again. It’s probably easier said than done but being able to master this concept is imperative if you plan on ensuring that your company will sail through calm waters.

So before you can master this, you should ask yourself whether you are prepared to handle crises when they occur. Or do you prefer to simply put your head in the ground and wait for the flood to pass? The choice is in your hands.

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