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Every entrepreneur knows that their time is valuable and their focus is always on efficiency and productivity. Fortunately, the high number of mobile productivity apps available now on the market, has made it a lot easier for entrepreneurs to accomplish routine tasks, manage their time more efficiently and keep track of their responsibilities in a more orderly fashion.

Still, because there are so many apps out there (approximately 1.6 million for Android users and 1.5 million for Apple users) finding a great app that suits your work style and needs is sometimes hard to do.

So we decided to make your life easier and we put together a list detailing the top 10 best apps that can help you become more productive throughout your day.

1. Invoice2Go
Countless entrepreneurs have to deal with losing money simply because they can’t get their head around invoicing properly. Moreover, they fail to keep track of the money that is either owed to them or they own. And because of this they start to feel embarrassed over their failure to invoice so they decide to just let it slide. Here’s where this app comes in. Invoice2go can help you solve all the invoice issues in a quick and professional manner because once the users have created an invoice, the app will send a prompt to mark the invoice as either paid or unpaid.

2. Box
Nowadays, you probably depend on cloud storage systems such as Google Drive to upload, edit or share files and folders with people from your circles. Still, Box enables you to keep real-time track of how your company’s projects are progressing. Moreover, it is designed to offer live feedback from anywhere. Also, it has a responsive design on not only laptops and desktops, but also tablets or smartphones.

3. Uber 
Even with the emergence of technology, entrepreneurs and business people still have to travel from one place to another. Yes, some meetings can be done over Skype, but in some cases, a face to face meeting is the best way. And if you live in a huge metropolis such as New York, getting from one place to another can be a hassle. But this is where Uber comes in. This app is not designed to let us down and has yet to do this. On-the-go entrepreneurs find this app essential because it ensures that they will always have a viable option if they need to get to a last minute meeting.

4. Free Wifi Finder
This app is considered by many as game-changing and I tend to agree. Entrepreneurs and tech gurus that need to have constant access to Internet 24/7 are over the moon. And if you’re the owner of a recently launched startup, every opportunity and situation could define the immediate success of your company. In the early stages of a business, every situation that arises is a high-stakes one. And let’s face it; you wouldn’t want to lose a huge potential client because of a poor Internet connection.

Everybody hates it when they see their email inbox is full of nonsensical things. However, thanks to, entrepreneurs can have this problem fixed without much effort. You only need to sign up with your email address and allow the app to find all your subscriptions for you. Afterwards, you can scroll down and unsubscribe from the pesky ones from which you never want to hear again. Basically the app helps you clean your inbox from unnecessary subscriptions and instead of 30 emails; you’ll receive just one, containing organized brief summaries from all the newsletters you read. This way you make sure that all the important emails will stand out from the irrelevant ones.

6. Evernote
Evernote is a Silicon Valley cloud-based app that synchronizes all your devices, thus allowing you to share, view and edit files whenever needed. Also, it does not require you to update it because it does that on its own and is available for the two major operating systems, thus allowing you to add notes and scan items within seconds. It can also be used as a personal assistant, regardless of where you are at a specific time.

7. Workflow
Time management is essential in the business environment; it’s a crucial part in launching and running a successful enterprise. And managing all the work-related tasks like a pro is the foundation of a successful time management process. Workflow enables you to customize your smartphone so you can skip over tasks that are a waste of time and resources. This app allows you to create any type of button (whether it’s a quick call button to your wife or an Uber one) depending on the type of activity you do on a daily basis.

8. Venmo
With the appearance of Venmo, payment processing is a thing of the past. Venmo is a free money-transfer app that enables users to send payments from one individual to another. Moreover, it links to both your phone and Facebook contacts, thus making it easier to search for the individuals to which you want to send money to, whether it’s employees, suppliers, clients, etc. Also, another great thing about this app is that it has no amount limit you are able to transfer, transfer fees or forms to fill out, unlike Paypal.

Everybody knows that entrepreneurs know a few things about money management and finance tracking. However, Mint is designed to make this task and your life so much easier. It is a free app shaped to allow users to create budgets, report expenses and even implement savings plans, all via the phone.

10. WinStreak
When you ask individuals pertaining to the business field which is the most important thing that can ensure the success of an entrepreneur, 9 out of 10 people will usually say the same thing: productivity. Strategic Coach’s free iPhone app WinStreak is an amazing productivity app that lets you set three “wins” you wish to accomplish on a daily basis and three additional “wins” for the next day. The win, in this case, is a goal that you want to reach. The main advantage of this app is that it helps you focus on what’s important and the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals.

What other apps have you tried and found that they helped with your daily tasks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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