5 Ways to Show Gratitude on a Daily Basis


The more grateful a person is, the happier that person becomes. This statement proves to be true given that it’s based on actual studies. A grateful person tends to be more optimistic, thus reducing his or her negativity levels. That alone should be enough to determine someone to include gratitude in his or her daily routine.

At least once a day, figure out what you are thankful for. By prioritizing gratitude and determining the things you are thankful for, this will become a major trait of your personality.

But if you don’t really know where to start from when it comes to gratitude, here are five ways in which you can show gratitude by means of simple acts of kindness. Remember, sometimes, the most important things in life tend to seem unimportant at a first glance.

1. Create an abundance journal. If you don’t have one by now, buy a small notebook and have it always with you in your briefcase or your jacket pocket. Put pen to paper daily and write at least one or two positive things that happened to you that day.Also, at the end of each week you could write down the things you are thankful for the most.

In this journal you could include small acts of kindness whether it’s a stranger paying for your coffee, someone holding the door for you and the list can go on and on.

By not writing these small moments of appreciation, people tend to forget them really easy. The main advantage of having a journal is that you can browse through it and see how much and why you are thankful for during tough times when things don’t really seem to go your way.

2. The best way to express gratitude is in person. Whether it’s a colleague, employee, friend or even client, always make sure you verbalize your appreciation. You can do this by inviting that person to lunch or a cup of coffee.
And if you’re entrepreneur with little time to spare, you could invite them to your office for lunch or a cup of coffee. Interacting with other people to show appreciation tends to be forgotten but this should be one of your top priorities. Almost in every case, by making time for the important people to you and your business will result in a high reward.

3. Always show respect to the people around you. Treat people the same way you would expect to be treated by others. Never forget to smile, show a great deal of patience, kindness and, last but not least, listen to them.

For example, when you are making a coffee run in the morning, offer to bring back your colleagues or employees some coffee as well. Moreover, instead of letting your dishes dirty in the sink, be humble and respectful towards your employees and wash your mug or dish in the office kitchen. Moreover, should it happen that you are in an elevator and seeing someone running towards it, the nice thing to do is holding the door. This will not require a great deal of effort so why not do it?

Mahatma Gandhi said it best:Be the change that you wish to see in the world. This applies best especially when it comes to small acts of kindness.

4. Never complain. By complaining you are simply inviting negativity and pessimism back into your heart and mind. Even if something terrible will happen, avoid complaining despite the fact that it’s the normal thing to do. Every time one decides to complain, that person reinforces a negative state of mind without having a solution to the problem. The next time you find yourself frustrated, just take a few deep breaths and focus on positive things. Remember “Goosfraba” or “Serenity Now”?

5. Be an active part of your community by volunteering. Most entrepreneurs who volunteer already know that showing kindness will do more for you than those who benefit from it. There are so many causes out there that need your help, so go ahead and see what feels right for you and do it.

If time is an issue, you could choose to play the part of a volunteer that requires only a couple of hours a month. The sense of accomplishment you get from volunteering cannot really be matched by any profit in the entire world. This is not only an amazing way of giving back to the community, but also placing yourself on the path to become a better person.

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