The 4 Most Important Customer Needs


Given today’s economic context, it’s incredibly hard to meet every need of every customer. In the long run, you might not be able to meet all their needs but here are 4 that you shouldn’t miss to ensure the success of your business.

You might be inclined to think that offering a good product or service may be enough to ensure that the customer will keep coming back. Unfortunately, that is not the case in today’s market. All executives will give you the same speech. I’ve heard it once; I’ve heard it a thousand times. What makes us different is the customer service we provide, which is far superior to that of the competition. If you go ask the competition, they’ll tell you the same. So how can you quantify exemplary customer service? The key is to be able to create a sense of complete and utter satisfaction, way above the customers’ expectations.

Customers will always want to feel as they are at the center of your attention. They feel they deserve it, given the fact that they are spending their hard earned money on your product or service while they also believe that they provide value. They feel the need to be recognized by you and see their value. Moreover, they expect you to act accordingly. The fastest way they can lose faith in you is by offering them the slightest sign that you are ignoring them. In order to avoid this you should make them feel like they are “the most important customer you will have that day“. Offer them your undivided attention and ask yourself “How can I make this buyer aware he has my undivided attention?” beforehand. Look your customer in the eye and tell them they have 100 percent of your attention.

Also, you should show them affection. People will always feel the need to be loved, shown affection or connect with other people. This also happens in the case of customers, given the fact that they wish to be seen more than the bill they are paying you. Pay attention on understanding each client particularly and determine what it takes to make them feel safe, happy and content. Don’t be shy to offer help if the opportunity presents itself. Whether you’re offering them a glass of water or offering more time to present them the pros and cons of buying a product. First and foremost, a customer wishes to feel that he or she matters as a person. So go ahead and ask yourself: “How can I show a customer that he has my utmost respect and that I wish to help him or her in any way possible?”

The sense of acknowledgement is extremely important to every customer. Scientifically, when a person feels appreciated, the brain releases dopamine into the nervous system, thus making the heart glow. Once they’ve bought your product or service they wish to be thanked. Don’t overdo it, but make sure to send a clear signal. Offer personalized gifts to your customers whether it’s a tweet, email, a phone call. To determine how you could achieve this ask yourself “What is it going to take to show this person that I appreciate their time?”

Be open-minded to doing business with any customer. Embrace her or him as a person and accept them no matter what. This will be the factor that appeals the most to the customer’s heart. Accepting easy customers is not that difficult. The hard part comes when you’ll encounter frightened, angry or bitter customers. Instead of judging them, just embrace them as they are. All people have flaws, so focus on the challenge or opportunity at hand. By identifying the personality of the customer, showing acceptance will be easier. Do they seem hungry for knowledge? Show them that you are eager and able to provide it. Should your customers prove nervous or untrusting make sure to share your own fear of being taken for a ride. Bottom line, emotional connection ensures that you will be bonded for life.

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