Top 10 Most Profitable Franchises in 2015


As a young entrepreneur, you’re faced with many options in building yourself a successful company where the profit margins are extensive and the opportunities to grow can be simply amazing. Finding what makes you want to get up in the morning and dash off to work is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have as you start your own business and build it from the ground up. When you’ve made something of your business by turning it into one of the profitable, you know you’ve found the business meant for you as your passion and dedication are what created this opportunity for you and your business. If you’ve decided you want this for yourself, but aren’t sure what type of business you want to build for yourself, you can find a list of the top ten most profitable franchises of this year below. They are spread out over a number of different industries, so you’re sure to find something that will appeal to you and your passions.

1. Snap-on Tools
Start-up costs: about $160,000
If you like tools and all the equipment you could possibly need to help mechanics and other tool professional, you’ll love the idea of owning one of these franchises. You have the ability to travel to new shops and businesses where Snap-on Tools can be the biggest help and the best seller to these businesses. Not only are you selling one of the best in world class brands, you’re also selling these brand tools to a customer base already built for you. You don’t have to worry about paying for a rental space either to show off your tools and equipment, because your rental space moves with you everywhere you go. Your rental space is actually your Snap-on Tools truck. Since Snap-on Tools has been around over 90 years, you’re sure to find a place for yourself in this growing industry as more mechanic shops and other industrial businesses need tools to keep their own businesses growing.

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Business Services
Start-up costs: around $180k
If you’ve always liked those nice signs and graphics you seen in store fronts, posted near roadways, and other places, you’ll love the idea of owning your FASTSIGNS franchise. Thankfully this type of franchise remains so successful because most companies across the wide range of industries need signs to help advertise specials, services, and new products to gain more customer interactions and sales. This is where FASTSIGNS comes in and helps these companies with preparing and creating the best signs possible. You can’t ask for a better franchise because with FASTSIGNS, you’ll become a greater part of your community as you help grow your customer base and build a relationship with companies within your local area. Some of the best products you can offer include banners, vehicle graphics, digital outputs, and so much more. This franchise company has been an industry leader for over 30 years and ranked #1 in Franchisee Satisfaction. That’s saying something.

3. MaidPro
Cleaning & Maintenance
Start-up costs: around $46,000
This is a great start-up franchise for a number of reasons: less than $50,000 needed, #1 maid service for franchisee satisfaction, and #2 Forbes Best Franchises to Buy in 2015. Those are some great statistics for a company that offers one of the most important positions in our economy today. Maids are continually needed throughout residential and commercial arenas as many people have busy lives and don’t have time to allot to their homes and its daily or weekly maintenance. The same can be said for offices that don’t want to hire a full-time cleaning service. This is where MaidPro companies come in. You can start your franchise almost anywhere and find plenty of customers knocking on your door for your help with their cleaning needs.

4. ATAX Franchise
Finance & Tax
Start-up costs: around $31,500
If you find you have an affinity for numbers and like helping others get their numbers all in a row, then you may want to consider purchasing an ATAX franchise where you can help customers with all of their tax preparation needs. You’ll learn new tax codes and laws so you can help your customers get the most money they can back from their taxes the previous year. Not only can you assist your customers with their tax needs, but you can help businesses with their daily accounting, immigration issues, and even help with HR issues by taking your customers through them step-by-step. Established in 1986, this company has remained one to beat even with all the other tax prep companies. You’ll get the support you need from the company to see your franchise succeed and know that you’re making a great contribution to your community.

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5. Firehouse Subs
Food & Beverage
Start-up costs: $132,000 roughly
Compared to other franchises within this industry, you’ll find that Firehouse Subs is one of the fastest-growing in this current economy. With over 870 locations in 43 states, this is one company that has seen a fair amount of franchising success. How do they do it? Well, each franchise places the greatest focus on their customer service, ensuring that each customer gets the most exceptional experience they can while they’re visiting any one of the Firehouse Subs’ locations. The company itself goes above and beyond in their training of new franchise owners and operators and in the use of the best operating systems within the current business to build each franchise to a successful one. It wasn’t ranked #1 within the Food & Beverage industry on four different occasions without reason.

6. Budget Blinds
Home Services
Start-up costs: around $90,000
Home improvements and design are areas where many consumers won’t stop spending, no matter what the economy is doing at the time. Since we all want our homes to look nice and the way we want them, we find ourselves constantly adding, removing, or redoing some of the home’s décor and other touches, including blinds. This is where a franchise like Budget Blinds can make the most of consumers’ needs. As a franchise under the Budget Blinds corporation, you’ll get the backing you need along with the quality products and services that are offered through the company itself. You even have three different brands that will make your franchise well sought-after as you show your customers your full line of curtains, drapes, and hardware as well as the blind options you have available for their window covering needs.

7. Wild Birds Unlimited
Start-up costs: around $125,000
If you have a love for nature, specifically birds and their feeding, you have come to the right place as you build your own Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise. With this type of retail franchise, customer service and passion are the two main characteristics you’ll need and want as you build your new business from the ground up. You’ll want the passion you have for nature and the great outdoors to be prominent in your life as you explain the products you carry for all of the sweet birds within your community would like to enjoy through the various birdfeeders you also have to offer. You’ll help your customers explore what types of feed they’ll need to attract the birds they most want to see. With bird feeders, watchers, and general enthusiasts, you’ll find that your franchise can gain popular ground as you show your customers your own passions through your knowledge of your products and your ability to swap stories with them. Not only will you be selling bird products, you’ll also find an assortment of outdoor gear and accessories that your customers will love. The company will stand beside you as you build your business and guide you to creating a successful one within your area.

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8. Visiting Angels
Senior Care
Start-up costs: around $66,000
As one of the fastest growing franchises according to Entrepreneur Magazine, you’ll find that Visiting Angels is the perfect start-up franchise for someone interested in providing the best care for our senior citizens. You’re providing them with the opportunity to maintain their independence even as you oversee their safety while they remain in their own homes as long as they possibly can. As the baby boomer generation works its way towards greater maturity, you’ll find that this is a great business to start as the demand will soon be rising higher than the supply has to offer currently. You’ll find that the start-up costs can be quite a bit lower than mentioned above depending on your area and the franchise you have in mind.

9. Two Men and a Truck
Services – Moving
Start-up costs: around $163,000
If you can imagine a company starting from such humble beginnings, you’ll be equally impressed with the results it’s maintained for years as one of the leading moving companies within the United States. With new locations popping up all over the country with the potential of making $1 million within the first year, Two Men and a Truck franchise is a perfect opportunity for someone that enjoys doing some heavy lifting while helping customers get their belongings from one home to the next. Started in the 1980s by two brothers, this company has quickly grown into one of the best with having completed its 5 millionth move just last year (2014). As a franchise, you can offer all moving services, including moving materials to your customers to give them the most satisfying service possible.

10. Window Genie
Start-up costs: around $90,000
If you would like a mobile service that doesn’t require you have a brick-and-mortar location, this might be just the franchise for you as you provide some of the best customer service for your customers window needs. As a franchise of Window Genie, you’ll provide your customers with cleaning, tinting, and even pressure washing services that will make their homes and/or commercial buildings sparkle and shine. You’ll find that your customers come from all walks of life and different income levels, giving you an opportunity to speak and interact with new and interesting people on a daily basis. Unlike some franchises, your hours of operation will usually get you home by a decent hour each day (5pm sound decent enough?). You’ll also have the backing of a company that outranks most of its competition as you build your own particular brand within your community.

With each of these franchises, you have the opportunity to turn your business into one of the most successful locations or mobile services within your area. As you can see there are plenty of opportunities throughout a number of industries and at varying levels of start-up costs you’ll need to make your franchise work for you. As you build up your funds for one of these franchises, you know you’re working towards something bigger and better than what you could be doing if you worked for someone else. With any of these franchises, you have the peace of mind, knowing that the company is guiding you along the way, but you’re your own boss as you build your franchise from the ground floor to its highest potential possible.

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