Why You Should Turn Your Talent Search Into a Competition


So you decide you want to hire but you don’t really enjoy the process all that much. So how do you get the recruiting process underway? Well, there are two options: you can either hire a well-known recruiting company or simply post the job descriptions on websites that aim towards facilitating the hiring process. However, there is a third option. While it may prove more unconventional, you could always hold a contest.

Maybe you’ve already seen it online, but during the last year, GiveForward, an online crowdfunding platform, has offered unconventional prizes twice to anyone who helped spread the word around that the company is hiring. The prizes consisted in a whole year’s worth of burritos, a 30 day special billboard with the person’s face on it and a caption that stated “the best human in the world”, cash and even a mystery prize.

The CEO of GiveForward, Ethan Austin, states that there are several benefits for hiring this way:

Your own personal story

The main part a recruiting company plays in the recruiting process is to accurately select the candidates which fit the role and responsibilities of a certain position. However, when you craft one of your own, the culture of your company can really shine through. Moreover, it attracts people despite the fact that sometimes the job descriptions are goofy or weird. Last but not least, the culture of the company will remain intact. This will also prevent the boring people from joining your company.

More candidates

One might be inclined to think that in order to fill an executive position, that person should be fishing in a larger pond. However, according to Austin, when his company decided to offer the marketing VP job up for grabs, 197 applicants showed up, as opposed to an entry-level customer service position that brought 116 applicants without a contest.


Millennials are also extremely important. Almost all GiveForward employees are millennials, so the CEO knows how they might be inclined to think in certain situations. In addition, they want four things: to work with smart people from whom they can learn, make an impact in the world, make an impact on the company and to like their co-workers.

It’s an awesome thing for Public Relations

Whenever holding a hiring contest, the company sends the job description to investors, e-mails it to employees and personal connections and posts it on social media. It may not become attractive for some people, but once that’s out of the way, the incentives continue to share it. Moreover, all these people are actually reading the story of the company.

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