How To Use Twitter For Recruiting


Twitter has been launched for over 9 year and in this time is has become one of the most important recruiting tools out there. However, quite a large numbers who do not know how to use Twitter to its full potential or are just starting to learn about Twitter recruiting. Having more than 302 million active users a month, Twitter is still one of the best resources for staffing and recruiting companies.

From the point of view of a recruiter, you could use either your your account or your company’s. Before getting down to business, you need to understand that the account is only for sharing available jobs and relevant information about businesses that are hiring. And given the fact that Twitter only provides your with 140 characters to get your message out there, remember that beating around the bush won’t work. It should be something like this: “Translator in NYC needed, competitive salary, apply at (shortened url).”

Also, consider using some of the following hashtags: #NAJ (twitter lingo for ‘Need A Job?’), #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #jobpost #job #translatorjob. Yes, you can use more than just one hashtag, but remember that you only have 140 characters, so choose carefully which hash tags you use.Twitter recruiting infographic

Infographic courtesy of AkkenCloud

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