10 tips that will help you become a remarkable entrepreneur


Success is never achieved accidentally. You need to be passionate about your business idea, to work hard and to constantly invest in your own personal development. After reviewing many successful entrepreneurs we have compiled a list of 10 tips that will help you become a remarkable entrepreneur.

1. Be one step ahead everybody! Try to anticipate the market and the competition to be the first one out there. It may be an innovative product or just an adjacent service that will make your clients’ life easier. This way you will show that you not only know your market but that you also manage your business with your clients’ needs and wants in mind.

2. Be organized in every way you can! Life as an entrepreneur can be chaotic and overwhelming so you need to learn how to deal with a lot of different things on a daily basis. An organized life leads to an organized mind, which leads to success.

3. Be respectful and you will be respected! Many entrepreneurs are perceived as arrogant and selfish and some consider those character traits an advantage. Ask yourself how you want to be perceived by your employees or potential investors. Eileen Burbidge a VC at London’s Passion Capital said that she doesn’t want to “invest in jerks”, so if you are looking for investors you may want to keep that in mind.

4.Listen to others! By truly listening to somebody, this way you will develop relationships and gain more information at the same time. That is called networking, and it is a key element in achieving success.

5. Do not procrastinate! Eliminate “I’ll do it later!”, and “Now is not the right time!” from your vocabulary. Being an entrepreneur is all about seeing and seizing opportunities and there is no place for “later” if you want to be the best.

6. Be funny! Stress is one major problem that affects everybody. Be the kind of person that is fun to be around. Find ways to relieve stress and enjoy what you do because you are in it for the long haul.

7. Take risks, but only if you feel certain that it is a good move. Mark Suster a VC with Upfront Ventures listed willingness to accept risks as an important characteristic for a successful entrepreneur. With great risks come great rewards.

8. Lists! Remember how important was organization? Lists help you get over overwhelming situations. Break through your swirling thoughts and your to-dos. Lists will also help you with time management!

9. Technology is evolving everyday, and keeping up with the latest trends in software, mobile technology that benefit your business, will help you achieve success.

10. Give positive feedback! Acknowledge when your coworkers do a good job! Praise them every time they close a deal. This will motivate them to work harder.

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