Commitment or the Best Way to Achieve Great Results


In the business world, entrepreneurs don’t really achieve success only by showing a moderate interest in what they do. Or at least I have never had the chance to meet anyone who can say that. The road to success is paved with people who want to achieve something great, but interest and passion is simply not enough, it takes commitment (a.k.a. determination) to be great at something.

The interest vs. commitment concept is not something that should come as breaking news. Take for example kids that take up almost every sport imaginable. Yes, they are interested in them at a certain point but they move on to another. The same goes for business owners. An entrepreneur can launch during his career dozens of startups without registering any major success because he only showed interest rather than commitment.

In my opinion, interest is one of the crucial steps you need to take in order to understand why commitment is so important. Showing a great deal of commitment means you will be practicing more and more to perfect your skills so that you and your company are able to achieve great results.

As an entrepreneur it is your responsibility to set goals for your company and show your commitment to the expectations. And while you show how committed you are on a daily basis, you should expect the same from any and each employee who join your company.

When you have to evaluate your employees, you need to determine the commitment in their actions and not just hear some empty words about how awesome they want to become and what they aim to accomplish. Talking will certainly not get the job done.

From a sales point of view, if you have a team of individuals who are interested in becoming successful or hitting their quota, be sure that you will end up spending money and investing a lot of time for little return. On the other hand, if you invest time and money into developing and guiding committed individuals to become greater than life superstars, you will definitely see a positive yield from that investment.

And everyone has hard days, that’s a given. And also, there will be days when business leaders will have to challenge their employees to become committed. But how can an entrepreneur accomplish this? Determine what motivates and drives your employees both personally and professionally. Make sure to ask them about their goals, to tell you what aspects related to their job they prefer or have a tough time managing, where they want to grow from a professional and financial perspective over a 6 to 18 month period.

Ensure that these conversations will remain restricted to realistic timeframes. Consider that talking to individuals five years after they’ve been employed is going to be tricky given the fact that they will have a tough time getting their head around. This is the case especially for young people who are used to instant gratification.

People are craving for success as we speak, but few are actually willing to wait patiently. Still, if you are able to find the committed employees, you will be on a great trajectory of building momentum and, in turn, achieving great things for them, you, and the company as well.

Building a company from the ground up or creating a great team is no easy matter. And if you don’t have any committed individuals on your team, make sure to rethink your strategy and make the necessary changes. It’s that simple! To ensure that your business or your team is great, you will need to determine your employees to constantly show commitment. In addition, as a leader, you must have an unwavering commitment to both your success and that of your team.

Great leadership is one of the most valuable traits an entrepreneur can possess. With it, the leader is able to create his/her own career trajectory. Way too often, people don’t really give their all to achieve great results, but rather prefer to obtain mediocre ones. Rarely is success accidental. Go ahead and ask any successful person you many know and I’ll bet my hard earned money they would tell you that there is no such thing as luck. Luck is created by individuals and it begins or stops with commitment and not interest.

So what are you waiting for? Commit to become successful or prepare to be passed by those who are.

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