High Performer or a Workaholic? Which One Are You?


Do you consider the fact that you are always busy an achievement or some unhealthy compulsion? Don’t really know?

Being productive and being busy are extremely different things; some would go even further and say they are pretty much the exact opposite. However, the tricky part is when they start to resemble, at least at a first glance and that makes entrepreneurs believe that they schedules are full because they are achieving amazing things rather than just having a packed schedule.

You need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you assess whether you are a high performer with outstanding achievements or simply a workaholic that sees no light at the end of the tunnel. So here’s what you should ask yourself:

1. What is your goal? The high performer employees or leaders have a great deal of rough days but they will always be able to give you reasons as to why they are doing this. Considering that this is merely the status quo is a pretty big mistake. During a work day, sometimes there is nothing that should or can be done at that moment. In this instance, high performers will not try to look like they are busy while the workaholics will do exactly the opposite. The number one goal of high performers is to do business. They will always remain result-oriented and if they consider that something cannot create value at that point in time, they prefer to strategize. Moreover, they understand the fluctuations of the business, thus always being prepared to capitalize during the upswings and brace himself or herself during the dips. When it comes to workaholics, their number one goal is to be or appear busy. One characteristic that most workaholics possess is insecurity. That is the reason why they always work on something just to remain busy.

2. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Do you make a habit of setting goals and achieving them and still thinking that you haven’t really accomplished as much as you have thought? Tread carefully because this is a symptom encountered usually in the case of workaholics. They cannot really tell when enough is enough. They tend to underestimate their efforts and abilities. You’ll always hear them complaining about the lack of time and support from other co-workers. On the other hand, high performers will know success when they see it and actually enjoy it to the fullest.

3. Many would disagree but, nothing is constant in the world. In almost every case, the energy, to-do lists and the importance of the task will constantly vary. Among high performers, the effort level will depend on these factors and more, whereas workaholics will always give 110% of their time and effort.

4. Proactive or reactive? The former is usually encountered among high performers when it comes to time and work. They always design their daily schedule and focus on the important things. On the other hand, workaholics are reactive about their work and time. They prefer to allow other people to chose how they will spend their time, whether it’s responding to emails, phone calls and so on.

5. Who is the person that sets your value? If there’s ever an aspect that could differentiate between the high performers and the workaholics, this would be it. Workaholics are always in pursuit of validation from other people whereas high performers know their value and don’t feel the urge to prove themselves to others on a daily basis. Therefore, high performers will always be more calm and evaluate themselves, while workaholics will live in a constant fear of failure and disappointment when it all boils down to validation from others.

So, which one are you? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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