How to be a likable CEO


Being a CEO will always be stressful. You are the man in charge, you take tough decisions on a daily basis, you are the icon of your company, and its fate lies in your hands almost every time. In other words, you are an important figure, and because of that, you have to be a likable person, both for your colleagues and your business partners.

If you’re not sure what a likable CEO looks like, here are some tips.

1. Be positive!

Success in business is never easy and it usually comes after a bumpy ride. That means that even the biggest CEOs have faced difficulties in their career, but after looking at it in a positive way, they got a different grip on the situation. Putting things in another perspective, a more positive one, will help you not only to surpass the obstacles ahead, but it will also teach you a valuable lesson: people will follow your lead and trust you more when they see that  you find opportunities and challenges where others see only problems and obstacles.

2. Be personal!

Share some aspects about your life with your employees. But avoid the temptation of sharing too much! Talk with them about a recent vacation, or an achievement earned by one of your kids. It is very important to show them that you are human too. They need to see in you a person they can rely on when having trouble.

3. Be honest!

Be direct and truthful when delivering news. People will think of you as a trustworthy person with a genuine personality.

4. Listen!

Listen to your employees. You are the decision maker in your company, but your decision is not always the most important. You have to take into account the fact that you need to make your employees feel like their voices are heard. Every person in the company matters.

5. Work hard!

You are an example! Be a working leader. You will notice that the productivity in your company increases when you set a bar for your employees. If they see you working harder than them, they will surely follow your lead.

6. Reward!

Do not ignore the merits of your employees. Their status does not really matter. If they achieved a goal or done good within a project, congratulate them. Give positive feedback, but do not overdo it. Do not set the bar too low, because your employees will stop feeling motivated.

7. Act like a CEO

The entire article I have talked about being personal and friendly, but you have to maintain your attitude as a boss. Maintain a position of authority.  In the end, you make the final decision.  Don’t be afraid to make harsh decisions.

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