How to Become a More Likeable Leader


They like you, you know they really do! Or do they? Have you ever considered that by becoming more likeable you also turn into a better manager or leader? And trust me when I say this, you’ll love being liked. I mean, who doesn’t?!

It’s in our human nature to feel the need to be liked. However, that’s the easy part, the tough part comes when you’re trying to determine what makes a person more likeable. Is this attributed to your charisma, or maybe your sense of humor? Or maybe because you are friendly to your employees or coworkers. Maybe your personality is “to blame” for being likeable.

We could go on and on discussing what it takes to become a more likeable person, but instead we will give you 7 things well-liked people do on a regular basis.

So, if you want to make a change and become more likeable within your company here’s what you have to do:

1. Well-liked people never judge.Ask anyone, they’ll tell you the same thing. No one wants to be judged and despite the fact that it’s sometimes impossible not to act judgmental, whether you consciously want to or not, you have to work with that person on a regular basis. As much people try to dissimulate that they aren’t judging someone, it’s pretty obvious at times that you are, because the physical responses don’t lie. And here’s how well-liked people deal with this. They know that hiding the responses is a difficult process and prefer to avoid it and in turn make a conscious choice not to judge. If these people are in a managerial position they will tend to make rational decisions regarding people based on concrete data and results. They always leave the emotional reactions aside when they are evaluating someone’s work. Also, another important aspect they realized is that they cannot and will never control the lives and life choices of other people.

2. Learn how to delicately get personal without being intrusive, especially when it comes to work. Well-liked people will make sure to tell you their issues or problems but they leave the fretting aside. Also, they will let you know the good things that happen in their lives without bragging about it. Given their genuine willingness to feel vulnerable and take things to a new personal level will attract people around them.

3. Well-liked people will always shift the conversation so that they will never be the focal point of it.They will prefer to let the other people around them speak and learn more about them. Moreover, they never bother to not ask questions about the people they’re with and always let them talk about them. This way they will show they care way more about what the employees have to say and getting to know them better rather than just feeding their egos. They also have the advantage of knowing that people love to talk about themselves and proceed by asking them prompt questions to ensure building a strong relationship.

4. Don’t bother asking questions if you don’t feel like listening or if you’ll forget about the conversation the moment a person walks out the door.Things such as verbal and nonverbal prompts, questions and conversation reinforcements are extremely important aspects that well-liked people use constantly. The other person will feel important which builds your likeability.

5. Remembering is one of the first steps you have to take to become a good listener.Remember the early days when you were working for another person and not for yourself? Now think back and remember when your boss remembered an important event that took part in your life. The likeable people always remember your child’s graduation or an upcoming birthday or wedding anniversary and make sure to let those people know that they did. This will show the person that you value your conversation and the time spent with him or her.

6. Likeable people usually tend to joke, laugh and be just plain old fun to be around.Everybody wants someone who can offer a good laugh. Moreover, they have unusual business meetings and love to surprise their employees.

7. Likeable people have adopted the hospitality aspect and they will never be afraid to invite you for a meal, whether if it’s in the office or at their home.By opening the doors to your office, this act will not go unnoticed. And by opening the doors to your home is pretty much like opening up your heart to that person.

If you aren’t doing these things by now in your everyday business life, try some of them and notice how fast the people around you will respond. I bet you my hard earned money that you’ll see an improvement in how likeable you can become by adopting some of these few changes.

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