How to waste time productively


Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the workload and need a few minutes to recharge your brain. Rather than watching some silly pranks on Youtube, you can take some time off and still consider that it was productive. Right before lunch it so happens that your brain is telling you that it’s time for a break. Experts state that you should not fight the impulse.

According to recent studies, people get more things done if they take periodic breaks to recharge their batteries. So the question isn’t if you should periodically take a break, but rather how you can use that time for the best. Often, you decide to check out what’s new on Facebook or catch up with some sports scores, and that’s perfectly okay, but given the fact that the Web can offer us so much more, why not do something that will benefit you? Here are some new ways in which you can waste time resourcefully:

Go ahead and read something smart. If you’re feeling out of ideas and want to read something smart and don’t really know what, go check out something smart like some eclectic material at Medium. This is a platform that allows you to share your thoughts with other people.

Learn a foreign language. If you’re trying to fill your free time with learning a second language, go ahead and check Duolingo or Memrise. These are useful tools that offer a variety of European languages that will help you improve your vocabulary. If you’re not interested in fluency and just want to learn the basics while preparing for your next holiday abroad, be sure to check BBC Languages.

Inject yourself with knowledge. Maybe your eyes are a bit tired and you don’t feel like reading. If you want to learn, don’t let that stop you. You can find over 1,700 interesting talks on any given subject on TED. Believe it or not, you can even find talks that vary from dung beetles to body language.

Embrace your inner zen. Try and think for a moment why you need so many breaks in the first place. Do you feel stressed? One way of calming down, simplifying things and enjoying life more is by going on Zenhabits.

Maybe it’s time to brush up on your code skills. Tired of hearing everyone tell you that it’s time to start learning code. Go to Codeacademy and check out their website. You can find tutorials and lessons on JavaScript, HTML, Python, PHP and others.

Go ahead and plan dinner. This way, you will not only fantasize over what you will be savoring later, but relax your mind and remove all the stress. Here’s a tip for you: don’t do this right before lunch. If you’re “fresh” out of ideas and need a good “portion” of inspiration, we recommend visiting Cooklet, Epicurious or Serious Eats.

Be a DIY person. If you already are a DIY type of person, have we got the perfect advice for you. Check out Hackday because it can offer you a new project every single day.

Get answers to your questions. Maybe there’s something you always wanted an answer to and you have yet to figure it out for yourself. There are some Q&A websites out there that can help. With a generous community, Quora is the place to go and get the answers you so desperately want. Or maybe you can just browse on the internet through the sea of websites that are at your disposal.

Nowadays, with the help of technology, stargazing is possible even during daytime. That is why we recommend stargazing to all of you, not only the overnight shift. Heavens-above helps you learn and track all the known constellations.

If all else fails, just choose the funny and entertaining stuff the internet provides you with. Maybe all the suggestions we mentioned above don’t fancy you all the time. That is why looking at videos of funny animals may sometimes boost your morale and it has been proven that it enhances your productivity. We all have to thank science for that.

So what other websites do you think we should add to the list?

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