Managing Your Email like a Real CEO


Now that you’re a business owner and you don’t really have all that much time to check your email as often as you’d like, you may be facing some time issues. Here are some extremely successful businessmen offering you some of their secrets that help them manage their email accounts easier.

David Shin, during his tenure at Google, in 2006/2007, attended a Q&A session held by Sergey and Larry. During this session the problem of managing an email account came up. One of them, David doesn’t really remember which, said something that pretty much sounded like:

“When I need to open my email, I begin from the top and work my way down, as much as I can and feel like it. Everything else that remains unread will be just that, unread for ever. To my surprise, some people working here at Google were amazed and ecstatic that they received an answer from a Google founder in about 5 minutes, while others simply didn’t even expect an answer to their email.”

According to Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, he applied a trick learned from Jeff Bezos. He told Jimmy that if he were to receive an email, he would answer in 10 minutes tops, or never at all. While Jimmy perceived this as a joke, he later applied this technique when it came to managing his email.

Raul Gutierrez remembers meeting Steve Jobs once at a Paris Review party in the 90’s. He followed up by means of an email, which led to some exchanges over the years. He says that Steve Jobs always answered each and every email.

And when he used to send him emails during the day, he would get a response many days after, but when he emailed him late at night, he got a response in a matter of minutes. And if he would then respond back, Steve would do the same thing, something like a modern chat. Raul recalls asking Steve Jobs how he managed to have enough time to go through all his emails. Jobs responded that he enjoyed receiving unfiltered feedback, considering that it was important to see what regular people were saying.

Steve Walker recalls that Andrew Mason, the CEO of Groupon is fully in charge of his own email. He adds that Andrew is one of the most efficient people when it comes to emailing. He makes use of inbox zero with Omnifocus in an extremely efficient manner. Steve also remembers that in the earlier days they endlessly tried to come up with ways in which email managing would be more efficient. They came up with the filtering of emails into different boxes based on how much time they say.

Steve remembers that Andrew used to email a person back in less than a minute. And anyone who has worked with Andrew will say the same thing: he not only offered thoughtful responses, but also in an incredible short amount of time.

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