Meditation for Entrepreneurs


What is Meditation?
Meditation involves training the mind to focus solely on a particular thought by eliminating every other information that crosses its way and thereby, subjects the individual to a mode of awareness of the contents of his mind without being identified with it. The whole essence of meditation therefore, is to acknowledge the existence of a singular content and be aware of it. When this is successfully achieved, there exists a feeling of inner peace, contentment, calmness and happiness.

Meditation has been in practice by different tribes, religions, beliefs and many works of life since ancient times. These groups found the importance of this practice and have inculcated it as part of their daily routine without which, their performance will be affected.

Who is an Entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur is someone who accepts the responsibility to start a new venture, nurture it to grow, employs human resources and bears the risks and successes of the venture. All entrepreneurs have common traits of seeing possibilities when others are seeing challenges: to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. They believe in the notion that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, therefore, they are not afraid to start any new venture after carefully analyzing its risk factor.

Entrepreneurs are always goal-oriented and never result-oriented. They focus on what is necessary to be achieved within a certain period of time and use carefully planned schedule to achieve their goals. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding and at the same time requires a lot of self-discipline, commitment, dedication, patience, passion and training. It is no doubt that bearing all these responsibilities can be hectic for entrepreneurs and this is where meditation for entrepreneurs comes in, since it has a calming effect and brings clarity. Meanwhile, to get it right, we have to know how.

6 Steps on How to Meditate
Studies have shown the 6 basic steps to follow for effective meditation.

1. Locate a quiet and lonely spot: distractions from passersby and buzzing noise of cars are eliminated. This increases concentration for effective meditation. A quiet corner in the office is perfect. Perfect timing is also important, because you need to take your time.

2. Make yourself comfortable: it is preferable to sit with your legs crossed and the back erect. But if this position feels rather uncomfortable, a support should be provided for the aching back. In a comfortable position, you are on your way to meditate for a long time.

3. Close your eyes: closed eyes increases visualization and concentration. You can easily connect to or clear any wanted or unwanted thoughts respectively without wasting much time trying to choose between the two. With your eyes closed, you can also easily focus on your breathing.

4. Chant a mantra: mantra is what keeps every entrepreneur going. These are your beliefs and when you constantly repeat this mantra during the meditation process, you find yourself more inspired. This mantra keeps you meditating even when your mind tries to wander off.

5. Visualize: try to paint a picture of the thing you want to meditate upon and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. You can chose to open your eyes during this process but make sure there is an object of focus before you (candle, flower, an image, etc.) This will bring you to a deep state of consciousness if you continue looking straight to the object of focus.

6. Be patient: to enter the state of self-awareness requires time and practice. Patience is the key to attain to this state and practice will make you enjoy meditating.

Following these easy steps will take you to the level of effective meditation and you will see immediate results in your overall wellbeing. It will no longer be on the ‘to do list’ but on the ‘must do list’.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Meditation
The bulk of the tasks needed to be completed by entrepreneurs most times cause headaches and stress to them. Constant exposure to this high stress levels without avenue to ease the tension can cause reduction in productivity, ill health, high blood pressure and a lot of unwanted issues. Meditation is very effective in reducing the stress level of entrepreneurs and improving confidence and creativity. There is a feeling of inner peace, a feeling of freshness and a new beginning in the mind of the entrepreneur. The mind resets and gets ready for a new task. This is what meditation does for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs that Meditate
Many successful entrepreneurs meditate on a daily basis. The lists are innumerable but let’s talk about a few.

  • Oprah Winfrey – CEO Harpo Productions Inc. Oprah Winfrey meditates twice daily and has inspired thousands of others to adopt this training into their routines. According to Winfrey, meditation instills in her a sense of ‘stillness’ which enables her to cope with daily stress and give her best in life.
  • Bill Gates – CEO Microsoft Inc. Daily meditation is what keeps the world’s wealthiest man going. In his opinion meditation gives him a feeling of happiness and inner peace.
  • Tiger Woods – Golfer. Being a golfer requires articulation and calmness of the mind. To achieve this, the famous golfer meditated twice daily.

Meditation for entrepreneurs is important to boost productivity and wellness, give a feeling of inner peace and lastly satisfy our utmost need of pursuit of happiness.

Have you or any of your colleagues ever tried meditation? We would love to hear your thoughts or comments on this matter.

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