Smart Leaders Don’t Let Their Egos Hold Them Back


Confidence is the main reason why you’ve put your business idea to paper and transformed it into reality. However, the more successful your business becomes, the more likely your ego will come into play. This, in turn, will eventually lead to bad decisions that will cost you the money you deserve and should be getting.

By “flexing your muscles” and letting your ego wander free in the work environment, you could put some extra cash in your wallet. The downside is that you’ll burn all the bridges around you, especially the relationships with your employees. When you have to deal with your workforce, you should put your ego aside, but still maintain your authority. To ensure a better collaboration and receive solid feedback, be sure to check the following tips:

1. Make sure to ask for feedback on a regular time basis. By working with your employees and colleagues you will gain more better ideas in a shorter amount of time. We all know the “Two minds are better than one” cliche. In today’s competitive environment, innovation should not be an annual objective but rather an everyday one. Also, you should try your best to create a work environment in which good ideas and initiatives are shared and acknowledged.

2. Before actually making a decision, you should first listen to the person that is trying to get his or her point across. As a concept, listening should be extremely simple, yet entrepreneurs tend to overlook it on a daily basis. There’s a difference between hearing what the person has to say and actually considering the ideas he or she comes up with.

Actually listening to a person and considering the ideas offered can bring you one step closer to the next great idea. However, if your employees sense that you’re not paying attention and not listening, they’ll eventually give up and stop offering you input. Being in the driver’s seat of your company offers you the possibility to steer left or right, but before actually doing this, make sure to carefully listen to what your team has to say. This will prove an important aid when making important business decisions.

3. Have you ever heard of the concept named emotional intelligence? If not, pay close attention and you may learn a thing or two about it and how it can be applied in the work environment to your benefit. There’s a good reason as to why there’s so much buzz about emotional intelligence. By mastering this ability you’ll be able to monitor not only your emotions but also those of your employees. However, when ego comes into play, a leader might be inclined to treat all situations the same.

Therefore, in order to be able to keep your key employees and resolve all the issues that are voiced by the workforce you should consider that people react to circumstances in different ways. Almost in every case, an entrepreneur driven by his or her ego will have a field-day of recognizing the substrata and the complexities of each particular situation. Showing empathy is the best way to discover and “calibrate” your emotional intelligence.

I’m not saying that ego should not be present in the business environment. However, experience has shown me that ego can cloud one’s judgement and decision making abilities, thus creating animosity among your employees or even determining them to look for future employment.

Can you find any more ways of keeping your ego in check? We welcome you to comment and share your thoughts.

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