The Main Reasons Why Quiting Your Job is a Good Thing


Offered a job that pays better? Go for it! Quitting your job to create your own startup and live the entrepreneurial dream? Fabulous.

While these are exceptional reasons to quit your job, there are so much more reasons out there as to why you should quit your job, once you have a contingency or back-up plan, of course. And they are as follows:

Life’s way too short to get back home from work each day and not feel a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, it’s too short to work for a tyrant, or a boss who simply doesn’t appreciate you. And of course, life’s too short to be taken for granted, considering that you’re not taken seriously or that you’re taken advantage of. Unfortunately, life will pass you by whether you are or aren’t as happy as you possibly can be.

A close friend may be asking for your opinion whether he or she should quit his or her job. They may bring into discussion arguments such as: I hate my job, I’m not fulfilled, I’m frustrated or I’m bored. So what advice would you give him or her? Would you tell that person to look for employment somewhere else? Should you follow the same advice as well?

Here are some of the best ways to stop feeling miserable and look for a place where you can achieve your true potential and feel appreciated at the same time:

Your input is either irrelevant or simply not wanted. Every person is opinionated in some regards. Moreover, each and every one of us loves when our ideas are taken into account and why not, implemented

Feeling that you had a great contribution is extremely gratifying. However, when your employer shoots down your ideas or even mocks them, that’s both insulting and demotivating. And before you know it, you stop caring about your job and the company altogether.

While we all need and wish for constructive feedback, public criticism is not the way to go. From time to time, employees are in constant search for a nudge, a word of advice or even just to be told they can perform at a certain task better. Don’t waste your life just waiting for the hammer to drop and be humiliated in front of your colleagues.

Employees have a constant need of praise and recognition, they need to know when they are doing something well. Stop wasting your time not being recognized for the contributions you make.

Your employer manages up, instead of down. You probably had a boss or two like this. Instead of putting an effort into focusing both their time and undivided attention to direct reports, they prefer to spend all their time following the boss. It’s as if the sole purpose of your job is to continue to contribute to the greater glory of your “leader”. A good boss is aware that if his or her team succeeds, every individual on the team succeeds, thus ensuring the success of the leader as well. Don’t waste your life developing your boss’s career instead of your own.

An employee feels a constant need to be part of something bigger. And every employee wants to leave his and her mark on the results and the lives of others as well. Stop coming home from work and just feeling like your work is in vain.

No one is irreplaceable. Ultimately, it all boils down to money. However, almost everybody wants to work for more than just a paycheck. Employees prefer to work for people they admire and that admire them in return. Should you boss not stop for a brief family related conversation or just an informal one to see whether and how they can help you or simply offer you a kind word, then you realize you’re just one of the wheels of the machine. Life is way too short to feel like a number.

Every job will have its upsides and downsides. That’s a given, but your job should provide some fun or exciting moments as well. Even challenging ones that make you feel enthusiastic about coming to work. Life is way too short to just spend it only by looking at the clock to see when it’s time to go home.

When the boss hired you, you were promised opportunities for advancement and taking on extra responsibilities while also learning new things that help you overcome challenges. A good boss will constantly look for ways to improve the future of both the company and its employees. Working in a company that offers little if any hope for better things is pretty much pointless.

In my opinion, the best reason to quit your job is because you think you’re only good at your current job. And whether the fact that the job brings in a decent paycheck, or the job hunt is going poorly are true, they will only be true if you allow them to be. You are able to do something else, everybody can. All you need to do is believe and trust in yourself, your creativity and your perseverance. Add effort to the mix and you’ll see new, happier and more fulfilling workplaces. Don’t waste your time staying in your current position. Rather, do everything possible for the opportunity to live a better life.

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