Ways of Improving Our Creativity


By making only a handful of changes, entrepreneurs and employees are able to significantly improve their creative thought process.

The question whether we are able to improve our creativity is something everybody is buzzing about. One of the main problems is how one defines creativity. Is creativity the magic key that allows someone to solve a difficult problem by using logic? Or is it based more on abstract theories and on questions we will never get an answer to. Some people consider that artists such as painters or movie producers show the most creativity. However, the same thing can be said about scientists who are the most prolific thinkers. No one can really tell that one profession is the most creative one of them all.

Regardless of how you define creativity, it seems that certain patterns are found within every person. It’s interesting to say the least that the vast majority of creative solutions are not random thoughts that pop in a person’s head. Actually, they are the result of previous experiences. Therefore, based on that idea, changing what we do can help one improve his/her creative thought process. So here are three simple ways which you should adopt if you aim on improving your creativity:

1. Find a sense of joy in solitude

In today’s world, rarely can a person be alone on purpose. Add smartphones, social media and other such things to the mix and you’ll see how difficult it actually it. When a person wants and needs to take a break from work or friends, he or she will always bring his/her phone home with him/her. And despite the fact that it is not human companionship, owning a smartphone will always enable you to connect with somebody. Even though it’s not really the same thing, features such as push notifications or text messages can be compared with having a face-to-face conversation.

Thus, to boost your creativity levels, make sure to find some time for yourself, to be completely alone. Given the fact that people are nowadays wired with technology, they never take some time to do this. Actually, many people are afraid to be alone. And to some extent it is understandable, when people are alone, it is easier to put negative thoughts in their head and live in the present moment. However, most often creativity comes after taking time to be in solitude and reflect. And that’s not all, it also offers you time to check in and see how you are doing.

When a person is alone by himself/herself, he or she will begin to start asking himself/herself questions he or she hasn’t considered. The thought process leads to theories that will help one find an answer to those questions, while also allowing him/her to take on problems one wasn’t aware they existed.

2. Don’t stop because of self doubt

Some say people should try as many things as possible so that we are able to live life to the fullest. This old saying can be interpreted in many ways and sometimes it may cause people to do dumb stuff. Ignoring the voice of reason (i.e. the one in your head) when it’s trying to tell you not to do something can cause some stupid things. Instead of doing that, just focus on why you are hesitant to try something new.

There are a lot of reasons that are helpful to not try something new. However, self-doubt isn’t and should never be one of them. The next time you want to skip on that gym session or a blind date, you should just ask yourself why that is. If you’re doing it just because you are worried about what others may things, you must force yourself to see it through. Never hold back because you are too self-conscious. Otherwise you’ll never have the most out of life.

By undertaking these experiences you are able to boost your creativity levels. When you open yourself up to a new challenge, you practice being able to fix problems you are a beginner at. Some of the greatest minds in the world were people who were confident in how they could change the world. Therefore, to leave your mark in the world, you need to be willing to do what everybody else is too scared to do. And when you actually take that leap of faith and you do the thing you were so afraid of, you realize that in reality it wasn’t such a big deal after all.

3. Maximize the experiences that give you flow

Flow is the main feeling one gets when he or she does something he or she truly loves. It’s how a person can sit in front of a laptop and translate for 10 hours straight and enjoy every second. Take for example writers. They experience this every time they are sitting in a room, writing a novel. The same can be said about musicians, every time they play. All of us had these kinds of moments in our lives, and they tend to happen when we are doing something we’re good at and love.

And while all the aforementioned activities are able to improve creativity, several things can worsen it. Television is the first thing that pops into my mind. When a person is sitting in front of the TV, he or she does not use any creative thinking. The storyline, the actors, the dialogue and everything else is laid in front of the audience. People simply digest the answer. The only way one can prevent this is by being either an observer or a participant. Rather than watching a movie about somebody’s adventure, why not make your own? Instead of reading tabloids, gossip magazines and that stuff, maybe you should write your own stories.

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