Why Being Unrealistic Might Be a Great Strategy For You


We constantly hear business gurus say that the business world is all about statistics, numbers and hard facts. However, ironically, steering clear from reality may also lead to greatness.

So here’s why being unrealistic and thinking outside the box may be a good strategy for you:

1. One thing’s for sure in life and that is, change.

Particularly in today’s highly digitized environment, businesses register change at an unprecedented pace. Even industries with deep roots may change overnight through an outside the box, fresh, new and unexpected idea. And the funniest thing is that, at a first glance, the best ideas may seem ridiculous and not likely to become a reality. And it’s no wonder considering that the most obvious ideas have already been turned into reality.

Take Facebook for example. During the golden years of MySpace, did anyone consider that another social network, created by a student exclusively for a specific group of students, would be successful?

Instagram, the photo-sharing social network was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, only two years following its launch, among a large variety of apps and social networks.

Or, take a closer look at Uber. It has managed to disrupt the taxi and transportation industry within just a few years. Nowadays, it is valued at more than $40 billion. Similarly, Airbnb, a community marketplace for accommodations, will, sooner or later, outgrow the world’s largest traditional hotel chains from a value and booking perspective.

In all of the abovementioned examples we see a pattern. A newly founded startup decides to tackle an established industry and competitors with deep roots, with fresh ideas that provide big results.

And while no one really expected these startups to shake old ideas and businesses, they managed to innovate and leave their footprint while making a statement that they’re here to stay.

2. Thoughts create reality.  

The power of thought is greater than almost any force on earth. It allows you to change behaviors, outcomes, actions. When an entrepreneur puts all his time and effort into developing an idea, being convinced that he or she will accomplish something great, he or she eventually will. It does not matter how unrealistic the idea may seem, if the mind of the entrepreneur is set on realizing it, sooner or later it will become reality.

3. In most cases, the most successful people are the most unlikely.

Ray Charles was blind, Ludwig van Beethoven was deaf. Innovators, who are unrealistic, are able to achieve greatness despite the potential roadblocks in the way.

4. An unrealistic mindset idea may trigger motivation.

An unrealistic idea is bred from passions or it centers around it. Having a mindset fed by passion and determination to achieve what most perceive as impossible, offers the team an “us against the world” mentality. And this will help an entrepreneur turn his unrealistic business idea into reality.

5. Technology levels the playing field.

Reality is always changing given the fact that we live in the era of technology. And one of the best things about it is that impossible and unrealistic ideas are nowadays possible. Unrealistic innovators are aware of the rate at which change takes place and think toward the future.

Ideas, products and services that are part of your everyday life today, were inconceivable and perceived as unrealistic a couple of decades ago. Social media, Smartphones and apps were once unrealistic ideas.

By thinking ahead, entrepreneurs may be able to become industry leaders, by putting into practice innovative ideas that have the potential to change the future.

So what’s holding you back from going for your unrealistic idea?

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