Why Supersmart People Succeed


So you’ve just started your company and it just hit you that you’re going to face some tough competition. You may be capable of facing most of the problems that arise but what happens when they’ll overwhelm you? That’s the most important reason why you should be surrounded by supersmart people.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that business is always competitive in every domain. So, you’ll have to go against not only your competitors but also with employees, colleagues or partners that wish to compete on a daily basis for ideas, power or methodology.

Having the resources to be better than your competition is usually not enough. Resources and “brute force” will have to go hand in hand with outsmarting the competition. Therefore, you should closely analyze the competitor’s approach and determine how to manage the battles of acceptance and ideas so that in the end you shall be the victor. While it is rarely easy and comfortable, it offers higher rewards to those who risk rather than sit on the back burner.

Here are five ways supersmart people gain an advantage over their competition. So make sure and check out if you’re applying the same strategies:

1. First of all, supersmart people always do their homework. It baffles me to see so many business owners and companies take on projects or endeavors with little or no research. No one is saying that you need to be like a racehorse but nowadays your standard research takes very little time and effort. Usually supersmart people spend an average amount of time on the internet or talking to the right people in the domain. By having data and facts you will be able to sway more easily the people on the fence by means of a solid argument.

2. Supersmart people always keep their ego at bay. A strong leader will have a healthy ego but the fact remains that the leader will not make use of it whether at the expense of good ideas or out of respect from your competition. Most businessmen consider that being right is much more important than being successful. Smart people will always look to connect with other smart people that have great ideas with the same open-mindedness and gratitude that they can learn and become smarter.

3. Smartpeople don’t guess, they act. Speculation is one of those words that often proves necessary the business environment. However, as a main form of execution it will lead to failure rather than success. Instead of sprinting in a marathon you should probably pace yourself to ensure you will finish the race and maybe win it. By doing this your chances significantly increase and your resources are reserved.

4. The more the merrier. The same goes for supersmart people. Maybe your competition finds it difficult to compete against a smart person but what happens when they have to compete against two or three or a bunch of smart people united as one? Usually smart people prefer to build networks of other smart people with whom they can consult or partner with to ensure a greater success.

5. Supersmart people find the shortest distance from point A to point B. In a competition time and effort prove to be two of the most important aspects that help you win the battle of ideas. Smart people prefer not to waste to much time beating around the bush but rather find the way to reach their audience and supporters efficiently. Moreover, the constantly look for ways to get their point across or deliver a product better and faster than that of the competition.

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