4 Apps to Help You Write a Business Plan


Before venturing into any startup business as a first time entrepreneur, every experienced and successful business owner you come across will always tell you how important and valuable a well-written business plan is. Whether you are searching for avenues to secure funds for an existing business or setting up a new one, having a well crafted business plan will help outline each step you need to take in order to achieve maximum returns for the time, energy and money you have invested.

Though there are services that will charge you at least four figures to write a business plan for you; there are also some business-plan writing apps that will provide you with the same business plan models, tools and research access at a cheaper rate.

If you are a startup entrepreneur with a great business idea with huge potential for success but lack the resources, funds or time to create a business plan for your startup idea, here are 4 Apps to Help You Write a Business Plan. With these apps, you can conveniently work on your plan at your own speed rather than depending on someone else and their timetables

#1:  LivePlan: This is a remarkable business plan writing app that boasts of having a wide range of business plan templates for different industries. With LivePlan, it’s relatively easy to fill in the blank spaces with your company’s relevant information. This app stands out amongs others as an intuitive business plan writing app, having the essential support tools to help you through each stage of the writing process as well as   guides to ensure the information you provide is complete and in the correct format.

LivePlan is an exceptional tool for creating startup, investment and marketing plans because it provides guidance options and research resources for the most accurate financial, market industry related data. It also helps in determining feasibility, projecting success and securing funding.

#2. StratPad. This app is also a great choice for startup entrepreneurs who are writing their first-ever business plan. StartPad is loaded with several free business plan writing tools for any newbie in the world of entrepreneurship and business plan writing. Asides from having numerous business plan writing templates, StartPad also comes with view-on-demand training videos, email-based customer service, and a 58 page long business strategy tutorial. This app works by guiding its users through a number of questions from which the answers you provide is used to create a summary business plan, complete with cash flow analysis, sales projections, revenue projections, along with visual aid such as graphs and charts to make your business plan more appealing. StratPad is available in free and paid versions, with is paid version having more advanced business plan options available to its uses.

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#3: PlanMagic Business. PlanMagic Business is one of the few business-plan writing apps that have a specific app for each industry or business niche. PlanMagic Business is designed to help you write a business plan for the specific industry you have in mind. This business plan writing app comes with unique user support services and industry-specific tools for making financial projections, researching industry statistics, business trends and possible investment opportunities tailored to suit a specific industry. Each of its app is designed for easy navigation by its user with a step-by-step guide through the whole writing process.

#4: Enloop. This is also another exceptional business plan writing app that guides users through the various phases involved in writing a standard business plan. Enloop operates based on the data you enter into it, and automatically generates profit and loss, sales projections, and cash flow analysis as well as balance sheet projections for your startup. One amazing thing about this app is that it also furnishes you with explanatory graphs and other persuasive visual elements that can help you win over investors. With Enloop, you can wide range of customizable texts for each section of your business plan, including sections that focus on financial data and vital parts of your company’s information.

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Business plan writing apps can make the taxing and energy sapping process of developing a business plan easier and straightforward. All you need to do is to provide the relevant data and these apps will reorganize it into a befitting business plan. However, before purchasing any business plan app, always check to see if the app supports specific industries rather than an all-in-one service.

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