The Seven Crucial Components of a Successful Marketing Plan


When you are building a company from the ground up, two aspects will prove more important than all of the others. These are: time and resources. For your company to have an effective business plan and to ensure that your business strategy is effective and that you are not wasting your time and money, create an amazing marketing plan.

So do you know what it takes to create a successful marketing plan? If not, here are the most important seven aspects which you will have to meet so that your marketing plan is as successful as it can be.

1. The market research. For example, the research of a marketing plan could be compared to the nervous system of a person. The market research is the backbone of any serious marketing plan. If you don’t know where to start from, the library could be a good place to begin your journey. Moreover, if you don’t have the necessary time to actually go to the library make sure you find one that allows you access to their online services from home via a library card. In this way you can identify the buying habits of customers within the industry, the market size, the market growth or decline and all the current trends.

2. Make sure you identify your target market. By designing an all-encompassing target market you will increase the number of buyers. Moreover, take into account at least two or three segmentation levels. For example, an entrepreneur may wish to create a business that aims at tutoring foreign students and employees that wish to improve their English, French or German.

3. Next, you should ask yourself how you perceive the brand in the marketplace. Positioning is one of the most important components of ensuring the success of a marketing plan. For example, if your restaurant focuses on selling awesome burgers, do customers perceive your business as the place where they find healthy options or the place where they go if they’re in the mood for a Sloppy Joe? This difference in perception among the target market and the way they perceive you is called positioning. Compelling branding and clear marketing messages tells your customers how you want to be perceived are the most important things that will come into play.

4. You may have a vague idea of who your competition will be once your business opens its doors, but do you know how and if your products and services are different from that of your competitors? Make sure you know everything there is to know about aspects such as the price of your competitors’ products, the market segment they aim towards. This will help you position your business in an excellent way and stand out from the crowd.

5. The market strategy is the way to achieve your sales goals. Find your ways on how you can attract more buyers that will enjoy your products or services. Things such as email, social media, partnerships, seminars or events will help you gain customers.

6. The budget also plays an important part in the development of a marketing plan. You should develop a monthly schedule of what you will spend on marketing.

7. Metrics are a great indicator that will determine whether the marketing plan is implemented correctly. Tools such as Google Analytics and other such programs will help you evaluate the results. If programs register significant sales they should be repeated.

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