Top 10 Resource Websites for Startup Entrepreneurs


Being a small business owner is both a rewarding and demanding endeavor.

For a new entrepreneur who wants to journey into the business world, knowing the right steps to take or what to do next after each phase of development is the key to build a strong and profitable business venture that can stand the test of time. This however, can only be achieved if you are armed with the right tools, information and resources to enable you to stay on track and achieve your goals.

There are many online platforms and online business courses through which aspiring entrepreneurs can obtain the much needed resources to develop their business idea and take the world by surprise.

Below is a list of the Top 10 resource websites for entrepreneurs who desire to start up a business.

 1. entrepreneur.logo
With numerous articles, resources and advice available at the click of a link, this website is a must have among your bookmarks. This site hosts tons of important information that you will find very helpful in your quest to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The interactive concept behind the build of this website when combined with its exceptional blog makes No.1 among the Top 10 resource websites for startup entrepreneurs.

2.  startups-logo
At No. 2 is which is among the leading resource websites for entrepreneurs. offers a collection of current and relevant information for entrepreneurs, from tips on how to start a business, IT purchases, franchise establishment, success stories, ‘what business idea to develop’ to an active on-line discussion group for those seeking mentorship and advice. can only be described as the best companion for any entrepreneur.

3. Bplans bpans-logo
This website can be regarded as the best information bank of business ideas and resources any entrepreneur can think of. Bplans offers professional advice and articles on any topic concerning entrepreneurship. The site also houses diverse business planning software and business calculators that can set you on the right path as an entrepreneur. When you are a newbie in the business world, Bplans is the best big brother you can hope for.

4. Small Business Administration (SBA) sba.logo
The Small Business Administration can be regarded as the “Holy Grail” of business knowledge. It is designed and specifically tailored to support budding entrepreneurs and startup companies with the right business resources and tools needed to build a solid foundation.

5. Smarta smarta-logo
This is an excellent resource website where entrepreneurs can obtain useful advice on how to give their business ideas a boost. You can watch videos of successful entrepreneurs as they talk about their experience setting up various startup companies. The event diary and free document templates available on Smarta makes the site a must for any promising entrepreneur.

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6. Inc.com_logo is an amazing business magazine website that focuses on providing valuable resources and advice for entrepreneurs. Anything from developing a business idea, funding your startup company to the nitty-gritty of sales and marketing, you will find it on Its expansive portal of information, leadership and the ethics of everything connected to business establishment and management makes it suitable for budding entrepreneurs.

7. Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) score-logo
This non-profit oriented organization was established by retired successful business executives to provide insights, encouragement and resourceful tips for both old and new entrepreneurs alike. Part of what SCORE does is to organize small workshops where startup companies can seek advice concerning the challenges they face. It is an incredible source of free business advice for entrepreneurs.

8. Onevest Onevest_logo
For aspiring entrepreneurs who are still struggling with their startup capital and investment funding, Onevest is just what you need. This site exposes your business idea to a vast selection of individuals worldwide, who may be interested in providing meaningful monetary contributions or advice that can help kick start your business.

9. The Funded logo-funded
This is an online community of over 20,000 CEOs, Founders and entrepreneurs and a wonderful resource website for entrepreneurs who are in need of funding for their business ideas. The Funded allows up-and-coming entrepreneurs to research different sources of capital for their ventures. The importance of finding the right source of capital to get you business on the way cannot be overstated, which is why this site is strongly recommended for entrepreneurs.

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10. Home Business Journal logo-home
As an aspiring business owner looking to start up a home-based business enterprise, you may want to consider taking regular visits to the Home Business Journal website. This site is the best there is for entrepreneurs who wish to work from the comfort of their homes. With useful resources to guide you every step of the way, the Home Business Journal website is perfect place to for you to begin.

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