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Project management and the ability to communicate efficiently play an extremely important part in every business and should be implemented on a daily basis because the final outcome of a project often depends on the initial planning and on monitoring its stages.

Project management is extremely important especially for small and flexible businesses, where the workload lands on the shoulders of a few people that need to communicate and develop the circuit and the workload. Even since the globalization process, collaboration has become essential since many modern businesses such as web design agencies do not have a constant collaboration.

Here are the following 5 useful apps that will help you facilitate the workload in project management:

Less Accounting

Lighthouse is a special application developed for project management that helps you keep track of potential problems and the deadlines It also allows you to keep in touch with your customers via email. You can update several features through email, to manage the beta testing, to integrate it and prioritize tasks.

Creating a project is an easy task, given the fact that you only need a title and a description. After the project is created, the tickets, messages and milestones can now be set. Creating a ticket can be done by email. Tickets can be shown based on several criteria including date, state (open and closed) and the assignee. Creating a message is way easier than creating an email. You can also attach files up to 50 MB in size. When you want to create a milestone you only need to enter the title, the due date and the goals of that particular milestone. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Setting permissions is really easy and you can invite other users via email. The Beacon and the API integration are considered to be one of the best features that Lighthouse has to offer. Using the API integration helps you customize tickets, projects, milestones and many more. Lighthouse also has a feature that allows you to integrate it with other features such as Google Calendar. With the help of the APIs, Lighthouse comes to your aid when it comes to putting your workflow in order.

You can choose for either paid plan or a free one, yet, all of them include open-source projects. By choosing the uncharged plan, you are able to share and manage a private project with two other colleagues. The paid rate plan ranges from $10 per month (3 projects, 10 users and 100 MB of file upload) to $120 for the Platinum one (unlimited projects, 50 public projects, unlimited users and 30 GB of file upload space).

Asana is another project and task manager tool that may come to your aid if you feel overwhelmed. Adding multiple projects is simple and you can keep track of them by checking your list. You can sort your individual objectives from the project objectives and the milestones as a list that you can set by date, deadline, or even by connecting your tasks so that when a sub-task is completed, the next step becomes the focal point. For every task, you can also add details like notes, links, tags or commentaries. If you work with other people, you can track the changes your colleagues make. Asana also has a multitude of keyboard shortcuts that prevent you from wasting time. You should also know that Asana is free for projects involving less than 15 people.

Less Accounting is regularly used as a tool for online accounting and invoicing program. This program has a variety of features such as sales-lead management, expense tracking, proposal creation and tracking and many others. You can also import your Wesabe account or even invite your CPA to look at your books. Less Accounting also has a feature that sends a weekly email notyfing you with an update status of your accounts. It has several account plans, including a free one. By choosing the free plan you can have up to 5 invoices, expenses, sales notes, deposits, poposals, etc. The paid plans have all the features included in the free plan, plus others such as bank accounts, mileage logs, proposals and others. A 30-day free trial is available for all plans.

ActiveCollab is a useful project management and collaboration application that allows you to set up a collaboration area on your website. One of the most impressive features is that it has unlimited projects, that can be organized into groups for an easy management. ActiveCollab has other features that include file sharing, discussions, assignments, reminders or collaborative writing. By using this program you can print, export, time track, schedule tasks, set ticket management and milestones. You can choose between two available options: Corporate and Small Business. The Small Business Edition includes source-code browsing, plug-in assistance, themes, discussions, milestones and many others. This edition is available for $199 with assistance and upgrades, and, after the first year, the costs will drop to $99 per year after the first year. The Corporate Edition has the same components of Small Business. However, it also has a project explorer and status upgrading. By choosing one of the two editions you have access to unlimited projects and users.

16Bugs is the way to go if you want a simple bug-tracking system that swiftly deals with problems. The main advantage of this program is the use of the color-coding system employed in various types of tasks (comments, updates, etc). Installing it is quick and simple and it has a friendly user interface.To create a bug is extremely easy and, by using the color-coded labels, it helps you keep a better track of the entire process.There are a variety of account types available. The free account allows for 1 project, 1 MB of storage and Basecamp imports. Starting at $8 per month, paid plans include more projects (3 with the Basic plan), 150 MB to 10 GB of storage, RSS and email notifications, Campfire notifications and SSL (starting with the $15-per-month Big plan).

Project management is considered to be one of the most important processes when designing and developing a project. Therefore, if you would rather have a web or desktop tool, it all depends on your specific needs.

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