5 Strategies For Growing Your Company Via Social Media


If your company does not have social media accounts on different platforms, you are missing out on some great opportunities. Still, it’s safe to say that in today’s world, pretty much every business will have a social media account so as to grow their enterprise even more. And while keeping a strong social media presence will take quite a lot of your time and effort, the end result will be nothing short of amazing. In the end, your business will very likely register growth through social media.

While some business owners are tech-savvy, others simply create a simple Facebook page and expect it to become popular overnight. However, that is rarely the case. Just like everything else, maintaining a relevant social media presence will translate into quite a lot of hard work. There are hundreds if not thousands of articles online that promise if not guarantee that their social media strategies will determine a growth of their company. Some of these strategies may work, some may fail, because there are a lot of variables to take into account when setting up a social media strategy. Here are five great social media strategies that have helped countless companies register growth by maintaining a strong social media presence:

1. First of all, make use of social media promotions. This is a fast way of drawing in not only new users, but also returning customers. Making promotions exclusively available via social media will drive traffic. In turn, this generates buzz surrounding your brand. Almost every person will have one, two or more accounts on different social media platforms. So why not reach out to these people and provide them with some value? Solid social media promotion will often translate into a higher percentage of returning customers as well.

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2. Make a point out of reaching unique audiences. While it’s highly unlikely a company is ever going to reach everyone on social media, this online marketing tool is perceived as a way of doing exactly that, which is quite problematic. Still, instead of trying to reach each and every person out there on social media, you need to find a way to reach the right audience for your company. Nowadays, finding the right people to engage with and reaching out to them is way easier than ever, with the emergence of platforms such as Snapchat or Pinterest. Every user and business owner out there is able to post a Facebook status for their company. Still, adapting it to the right audience is the tricky part. It’s quite common to see companies uncover thousands of users they were previously unaware of after they learn and really know how to use social media channels to their full potential.

3. B2B is easy. Along with providing companies the opportunity to reach customers, social media platforms offer companies the chance to engage with other companies. B2B is easier, especially on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Collaborating with another business, developing a relationship or even sales are nowadays fostered by correctly using social media. Thanks to this online marketing tool, companies can engage with one another way faster.

Creating a solid social media strategy is perceived as a fresh and unique way of selling your products. This ensures that you are basically educating your leads, engaging with customers and even developing trust among them. In order to create a strategy that will work, you must be able to understand your audience, the main problems that may arise and the type of information they find relevant so as to engage them. Also, to ensure that you are able to expand your audience reach on various social media platforms it is imperative that you create interactive conversations.

Also, social media is great for networking, allowing business owners to build new business relationships. For startups and small businesses, social media platforms should be perceived as a viable sales channel and the most affordable marketing strategy. Come to think about it, social media platforms provide a level playing field where small businesses can play against the big players.

4. Nowadays, social media is often used as a way of handling customer service and more and more companies adhere to this practice because it’s a win-win situation. Clients are looking for easy access to businesses, and companies want to fix problems as efficiently as they can. For example, due to its simple and informal aspect, Twitter is an extremely popular social media platform for managing complaints and comments.

5. Social media enables your company to have a unique voice, a voice of its own. A brand is a key component part of any business. It creates a specific image that people will have in mind when they’re thinking of your company and associating certain values with it. Ensuring a solid social media presence for you company will create a unique voice for your company, which will help you engage your fans/followers, who will be over-the-moon with the content you share. A sporadic and bland presence will bring your company little to no benefits. Thus, it’s mandatory that the person in charge with the management of the social media channels of your company is both creative and consistent.

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