How to write a successful business mail


Email is one of the most used tools in marketing nowadays. Radicati Group reports that, each day, 144.8 billion emails are sent. In this context, you need a good strategy for your email marketing campaign in order to reach the desired objectives.

A successful email marketing campaign is not a secret. All you need are some tips that are straight to the point. So, before you click send on your email, try reading these next tips that will help you reach your clients and start a communication with them. You will see instant improvements in your click rates.

First of all, use double OPT-in mail. Basically, subscribers fill out a sign up form on your business’ website. Afterwards they confirm their subscription via email. Do not buy or rent mailing lists. Do not force your content in someone’s inbox. This will not benefit your business at all, and in most cases, your email will be marked as spam.

Second of all, post an easy-to-find unsubscribe button. If your subscribers can’t unsubscribe, they will mark your content as spam. This will affect your future attempts to use mailing as a marketing tool. Also, do not use HTML or Java in your email. These codes do not work the same for everybody, thus affecting the quality of your final products.

Also, try telling your subscribers what content they will receive. And try meeting their expectations. Do not use the same content over and over again. It also helps if you send a welcome email to your subscribers after they‘ve just signed up to your product.

Make sure that the subject of your email is interesting and inviting for the audience otherwise they will not open it. Remember that your clients receive numerous emails and newsletters, so before clicking send think about how you can stand out from your competition.

Do not link IP addresses or business links to your email. Some spam filters, that are not very efficient, have the tendency to mark every external source as bulk or spam.

And lastly, follow the laws of CAN-SPAM! 84% of sent mail is spam. Try to be consistent with the content you send out. People have the tendency to forget they signed up for a certain service. If they forget about you, they will turn to those who provide a service similar to yours.

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