The Future of Online Customer Reviews


It is a well-known fact that in this modern age, the online environment is a very powerful tool for every entrepreneur that wants to start a business. But why is that? The answer is: customer feedback!

When we buy something online, we always check the star ratings of previous customers. Our buying decisions are influenced by other people’s choices. We use apps to compare products, we have online wish lists, we have access to different social media channels that offer us helpful insights.

61% of online customers make their buying decision based on the first review of the product they encounter. That only proves how important customer feedback will become in the near future.

Here are 4 predictions that every retailer needs to take into consideration on how the power of customer online reviews will affect their work.

First of all, in the near future, the anonymus factor will fade, leaving room for the tendency to combine personal informations with social media. Every review will be linked to the Facebook or Twitter page of a real person, and so, every review will be more credible.

Being linked to social media, customers will read their friends’ review first. Also, another great aspect is that you will also see your friends’ other reviews and their preferences for some retailers. Not only that you will  be able to buy a product similar as to your friends, but also you will be able to analyze their input with other people’s input. Not only will you be able to buy a product similar to the ones of your friends have, but also you willmanage to analyze their input with that of others.

All reviews will be personalized. The fact that all personal information of both the reviewer and the review reader will be online, everything that you will see  will be sorted by preferences. Take for example the way Facebook and Google give you content based on your likes and searches. You will be able to see multiple reviews for the same product from people with similar preferences to yours.

All the reviews will be compatible with you. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways in which you can review a product. You can do a blog post about it, a video review on Youtube, or just a simple comment on the product’s page. In the near future, as the Internet gets smarter and smarter, you will be able to filter through a more wide range of reviews that will definitely help you  when it comes to making a decision.

What do retailers need to do now, seeing that this form of feedback is rapidly growing?

First of all, improve the way customers leave you feedback. For example, a more user-friendly interface will allow more people to leave their opinions regarding your product.

Secondly, ask for feedback. Encourage your customers to give feedback on your products. Not only will this help potential customers, but also, it will create an easy way in which you can improve the quality of your services. 

And finally, respond to both negative and positive reviews. Do not ignore the negative reviews, because those are the ones that have the biggest impact! Try to manage both types of reviews equally.

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