Top 10 Reasons Why Waking Up At 5AM Can Be Beneficial For Your Business


Many successful business owners have often considered waking up early as one of the secrets to their success. Most of them believe getting up early in the morning between 5AM to 6AM, and in some cases earlier than that can go a long way in making a business successful. If you are yet to tap into the power of early mornings as a small business owner, here are the Top 10 reasons why waking up at 5AM can be beneficial for your business.

1. Gives you a head start
Waking up at 5AM, gives you the opportunity of starting your day 99.99% earlier than the rest of the world; which in turn gives you the feel good factor of knowing you are already setting things in motion for the day’s business while your competitors are still snoozing away under their blankets. This also creates a host of positive feelings which will not only motivate you to take up more challenges, but also help you to widen your lead against the competition.

2. Gives you a good reason to get to work
At the end of a long day, it’s easier for you to just jump on the sofa instead of doing what needs to be done in order to improve your business. However, when you wake up at 5AM in the morning, the last thing you’d want to do is to waste any precious time being idle. Since you have already sacrificed your chance to hit the bed early by engaging in some pleasant activities such as; watching a late night sitcom, playing games, watching a movie and so on. When you get up by 5AM in the morning the next day, it’s only natural for you to get straight to work on your business without wasting any time.

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 3. Increased Productivity
Waking up at 5 AM greatly increases your productivity in terms of how much business related work you are able to accomplish with the few extra hours you get from waking early. This also puts less strain on the rest of your day, as you would have already done a lot with those few hours, as most people would be fast asleep and therefore cannot disturb you with unnecessary phone calls at 5 AM.

 4. Gives you have more willpower forge on
Another wonderful reason why waking up at 5 AM is beneficial for your business is that it gives you additional willpower to forge on through the rest of the day’s work. Willpower is just like a muscle that becomes fatigued when stretched or over-used during the course of the day as you make tough decisions, deal with difficult people and battling traffic. When you wake up at 5 AM, you automatically become more motivated by the prospects of a great day ahead and ready to handle any challenge that may rise up in the course of transacting business during the day.

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5. Improves your Efficiency
It’s a known fact that a lot of people are less efficient and tend to make more mistakes or wrong judgments in business when they work longer hours late into the night. Waking up at 5AM, gives you the chance to enjoy a perfect work environment due to the peace and quiet of the early hours. This in turn gives you the opportunity to focus your energy on any aspects of your business that needs your attention, thereby getting things done accurately and avoiding costly mistakes that may be detrimental to your business.

6. Gives you the opportunity to start your business on a positive note
Another reason why waking up early can be beneficial for your business is that it gives you the opportunity to begin your business activities for the day on a positive note. Imagine the feeling you get from waking up bright and early around 5AM with the intention of taking charge of the day on a positive note; as compared to waking up late and trudging through the day in a dull mood that affects your productivity all day. Waking up as early as 5AM allows you to start the day with a victory and set the tone for a happier and more productive day.

7. Stress free commute to your business location
If your office or shop happens to be located in the busy part of the town, then waking up as early as 5AM will be of immense benefit to you as a small business owner. Instead of being stuck with the 7AM and 8AM drivers hurrying to their places of work, waking up early gives you the chance to enjoy a smooth ride to your office and arrive early enough to kick start your transactions for the day. It also prevents you against getting worked up from being stuck in traffic.

8. Sets you up for more success
Another way in which waking up 5 AM will be beneficial to you as a business owner is that it indirectly sets you up for more success. It has long been observed that habitual early risers usually become successful in life. Waking up early makes you optimistic about your business, calms your mind and gives you more time and energy. All of which are key factors that will help you as a business owner or entrepreneur to become more successful. Among the famous entrepreneurs who are advocates for rising early you can find: Richard Branson, founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, Apple CEO – Tim Cook, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Disney CEO – Bob Iger, Starbucks CEO – Howard Schultz, Xerox CEO – Ursula Burns, Procter & Gamble CEO – A.G. Lafley or Unilever CEO – Paul Polman.

9. Helps you develop habits that will affect your business positively
Waking up by 5 AM everyday cultivates disciple in you as a business owner, which in turn helps you develop good habits that will impact positively on how you run your business; the reason being that waking up early requires focus and disciple on your part. And once you are able to maintain the habit of waking up as early as 5AM, you will discover that you have unconsciously transferred such discipline and focus in running of your business on a daily basis.

10. Keeps you healthier and prevents you from breaking down
As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. Starting your day at 5AM in the morning gives you more time to carry out some healthy exercise routines such as yoga, jogging, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. which helps to keep your body healthy. Remember, having a focused mind means you have the ability to make sound judgments concerning your business. An early morning workout also helps to eliminate any pent-up stress from your body, leaving you healthy and revitalized.

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