Changing the Face of An Industry Before It’s Ready


It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs are the most significant force behind change within the economy. In most cases, the ability of an entrepreneur to find opportunities and offer innovative solutions has determined some of the biggest changes and innovations of our time.

While some industries evolve faster, some tend to be slow or even reluctant when adapting to change. Whether they see their industry from a traditional point of view or are simply averse to switch to new technologies, this slowness may prove to be difficult for entrepreneurs who always try to offer better and new ways of doing things.

Here are some extremely useful tips that I’ve learned the hard way when I was trying to offer innovation within a traditional industry that was reluctant to change:

1. Consider forming a partnership with people that can provide traction in the industry. In most cases, entrepreneurs do not succeed because they have a hard time finding and convincing customers. This can apply in almost every case, especially when an entrepreneur wishes to offer a product or service that the customers are not ready to accept and see a need for. The simplest way to ensure that this does not happen is to partner with people that already possess traction and brand recognition within the industry. In turn, this can offer credibility and lead to a fruitful relationship that otherwise could take years to build.

2. Keeping things simple should be applied in all industries that have not incorporated technology as a means to simplify things. Simplicity encompasses two elements: a sleek design with an intuitive user interface or offering a product that works extremely well with other already existing systems or tech solutions. This translates into plugging into existing tools such as email and Excel. This is so much easier than asking your employees to create a new system.

3. Customer service is extremely important. The moment an entrepreneur decides to introduce a product or service to target customers, he or she needs to be a step ahead of the curve. Therefore, the entrepreneur should be able to anticipate that the transition may not run as smoothly as planned. That is why customer service is a must. You need to ensure that customers can reach within minutes an actual person via email or phone that is able to help them. Customers shouldn’t be given the chance to become frustrated so you need to have alternative means to avoid this.

Last but not least, take into account that changing the face of a traditional industry cannot be done overnight. You must have a strong strategy and anticipate all the roadblocks that may arise. In the end it will be worthwhile if the innovation will bring efficiency to thousands of business within the industry.

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