Why You’re Scaring Off Great Hires


Candidates that apply for a position in your company don’t show up for the interview. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Finding the best employees that will fill the position is a hard task. Maybe your typical hiring methods seem like you’re one tough employer to deal with. Don’t miss out on the top talent that can give you an edge over the competition and avoid the mistakes we’re going to discuss below.

The most common way a business misses out on hiring top-notch candidates is by scaring them away. Yesterday I went on Reddit and found a page that shows the warning signs great hires watch out for.

The turnover talk. If your company hires more than just a few people given the rapid growth of the company, explain that to the potential candidates during the interview. You should avoid at all costs giving potential employees the impression that you are hemorrhaging employees given the high turnovers. Moreover, top tier candidates know what questions to ask to find out more details about this aspect. Employees will ask what happened to the person whose position they’ll have to fill in so make sure you know how to answer this important question.

Your job ads are stale. Let’s say you’re trying to fill a position for a couple of months and you haven’t received too many applications. Maybe you should change the role and revise that pesky online job description. A job advertisement posted last year should be a great indicator that nobody is going to rush and fill the position.

Another aspect you should avoid is criticizing your former employees. Should you manage and hire a top talent for the position previously filled in by a former employee you shouldn’t complain about the degree of incompetence they have proven. This will surely backfire as your top talent will question your hiring skills. Moreover, most businessmen cannot refrain themselves from criticizing their current employees. This will create dissatisfaction among your employees and will cause the work environment to become extremely stressful for your employees.

Don’t lie about promoting from within the company. During an interview you may be asked whether there is a possibility to advance in the ranks of the company. You should be forthright about the internal policy regarding promotions. If promotions within your company happen once in a blue moon, don’t tell your future candidates there will be plenty of opportunities down the road for them to grow.

The top talent will sense this during the first few days after working for you and they’ll decide it’s high-time to leave. While your company is in dire need to hire people to fill the vacant positions, don’t resort to cutting corners during the hiring process. In the end this will only hurt your business in the long run.

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