5 Telltale Signs You’re Better Off Outsourcing Your Online Marketing


Marketing is the one of the main ingredients in attracting customers. However, a lot of small businesses cannot really say they have a marketing department or even an employee who only performs marketing tasks.

Quite a lot of entrepreneurs and company owners take a lot of the company’s responsibilities upon themselves and so they end up facing several challenges they simply cannot manage to solve by themselves. Or, they may find that they’d prefer to pay another person to handle on several aspects so they can focus on aspects they can do best and enjoy the most.

Identifying the perfect time and manner to employ smart and outsource strategically is an extremely important part of building a successful business. Also, as a bonus, you’ll still be enjoying doing your work as a business owner. As far as digital marketing is concerned, you have to identify if you are in need of a marketing expert to help you reach your business goals.

All businesses show a dire need of marketing, so they usually hire an individual and not outsource the job. And this could be extremely beneficial for businesses that pay a lot of attention on the work flow and that prefer to keep the costs at a minimum. While this may be great for some, for other companies this strategy is not really the best one.

Usually, marketing is pushed to the back burner even though small businesses should focus their efforts on PR strategies and proactive digital marketing in order to get the results they actually deserve.

Don’t really know if you should outsource your online marketing? Here are some telltale signs that will offer you some insight:

When was the last time you updated your website? Do you recall when this happened or has it been that long? Thankfully, nowadays, there are quite a lot of tools that help you create a website or a blog. Still. keeping an updated, user-friendly, accurate and search-optimized website means more than just having a landing page in place with your company’s logo and a couple of images and paragraphs. Remember that the DIY tools can only help you so far. You will still have some headaches as far as design or coding for example, are concerned. And such aspects may require a professional to fix them.

A solid website means more than just having a presentable website. It needs to be optimized so as to translate into calls, leads, customers, etc. And if you want users to find your website easily, you will need to pay some attention to SEO tactics and content, metadata and even the structure of your website. Thus, if you’re having difficulties offering an attractive website that is compelling for users while still driving conversions into customers or leads, maybe you should consider outsourcing the marketing of your business.

The search advertising results aren’t producing the results you have hoped for. In an ideal world, when using search-engine advertising, companies find that it’s the easiest and less costly way of generating new prospects. Still, doing this by yourself is not only-time consuming but it could potentially bring results you weren’t hoping for. Search-engine advertising is so much more than just creating an account, preparing a text ad and waiting for the results.

When dealing with this you need to be able to create a compelling and effective piece of text that will drive users to a relevant and up-to-date landing page. Moreover, you will need to target the proper audience so that you are not throwing money out the window on visitors that are not interested in what you are offering. You need to drive visitors that are likely to buy what your company has to offer.

To create a campaign that will drive more than just clicks, but calls, emails and even requests, you will need to pay close attention to the campaign, looking at it on a daily basis and understand each aspect of it, whether it’s keywords to sites, bids, or other things so that you can refine it to register even better results.

And this is where a marketing expert comes in. By providing him/her with the right technology you will be able to gain the upper hand. And despite the fact that you will have to allocate some of your budget to benefit from his or her expertise, the return on investment (ROI) you will register will be far greater, by getting improved results with the same budget.

Be on the lookout for a partner who will do more than simply show you metrics such as CPC (cost per click) and traffic driven to your website. These aspects will only show you that people clicked on your ads. Rather, you’re better off looking for marketing specialists that are able to provide you with the bigger picture, that is able to leverage the technology and the tracking process to show you specifically what your search ads drove to your business, whether it’s emails, customers or phone calls.

As a business owner do you have the time to always be up to date with the ever-changing rules of search engine optimization? Being always on top of the constant SEO changes that become even more each day, it’s no easy task. Still, it’s good that nowadays there are quite a lot of online marketing professionals that provide their services, time and energy to ensure that you are able to efficiently market your company in the online environment. Given its constant changes and complexity, search engine optimization is a key area where outsourcing could really aid you in building online traffic from clients that are looking for businesses similar to yours.

The social media fan base does not necessarily have to coincide with your target audience. It’s not all that hard to create a Twitter or Facebook account and, by now, you’ve probably invested some of your time in making your social media presence known. Still, if the only thing that is of interest to you is having a large number of followers instead of the types of individuals that form your community, it’s better if you put the social media handles in the hands of a good social media expert.

How often do you pay attention to key factors like your number of followers or users living in your immediate service area? How often do you update your website with relevant or enticing content that resonates with your followers? How are you managing paid advertising opportunities on these websites?

Social media marketing is often misunderstood. It’s far more than just creating an account and posting from time to time an update or two. Actually, it’s a powerful tool that is able to generate website traffic and to increase your website SEO. You need to look for a specialist that will get acquainted with your target audience, learn everything there is to know about your business and take good care of your content marketing and your blog so that you are able to target the right audience and create a strong online presence.

Can you tell for sure if your marketing efforts are generating a good ROI? Many business owners have trouble finding an easy answer to this question. Given the amount of time you invest in marketing your company, it is of the utmost importance to measure the results that marketing is driving. You will need to measure not only the traffic, but also the leads, customers, calls or emails you are getting from your marketing so that you are able to see which marketing sources provide you with the best results.

Of course, you are probably already making use of website analytics, reports and other such metrics that aim to show you the success of your marketing efforts. Still, are you able to determine how these numbers turn into a clear return on investment? Technologies such as lead conversion software allow you to see both the results and the return on investment of your marketing, the leads that are coming from what sources and which ones you could potentially convert into customers.

Now that you know what to look for, if you are interested in outsourcing your marketing, we ask you whether you can provide us with other telltale signs. What other marketing aspects do you think are better to be outsourced? Let us know in the Comments section.


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